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  1. The Infinite Monkey Cage: Perception

    A witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the science of perception.

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  2. Hardtalk: Alan Moore

    Alan Moore is the graphic novelist behind the ghostly, bearded mask worn by computer hackers and Occupy protestors the world over. He has, in the past, championed graphic novels - book-length comics - for their effect on politics and culture. Tim Franks asks him why, in that case, is he now becoming disillusioned?

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  3. Fresh Hell 4 — Future War

    Good times. Bad Movies.

    The movie: Future War

    Episode guest: Lauren Beukes

    The Highlights: Robots with mustaches, The Beard of Alan Moore, Dinosaurs, Thumbs, Guns, Nuns, and Flannel. So much flannel.

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  4. Alan Moore interviewing Brian Eno

    This is Alan Moore interviewing Brian Eno, again from Radio 4’s Chain Reaction in 2005.

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  5. Today: Alan Moore’s alternative Thought for the Day

    Today’s guest editor Stewart Lee wasn’t keen to suggest a guest for our Thought for the Day slot, but instead offered an Alternative Thought for the Day for his programme from writer Alan Moore.

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  6. The Infinite Monkey Cage: Science Fiction

    Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by Jonathan Ross, graphic novelist Alan Moore and string theorist Brian Greene for a special science fiction themed programme.

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