The Collective episode 60 - Gavin Rothery - Part 1

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  1. The Collective episode 61 - Gavin Rothery - Part 2

    Here’s Part 2 to our monstrously long conversation with Gavin Rothery. Picking up right where we left off in Part 1, we discuss the emotional power of a great film, shout out tons of book recommendations, and the importance of a good story to any film or game.

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  2. Ep. 132 - Alien Commentary

    Collective Commentaries is a series in which we chat with a guest as we watch some of our favorite films. Watch along with us in our inaugural episode, as past guest and good friend of the show Gavin Rothery joins us to discuss Ridley Scott’s masterpiece Alien.

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  3. Interstellar spoilers: two critics review Christopher Nolan’s new movie

    On the Spoiler Special podcast, Slate critics discuss movies, the occasional TV show, and, once in a blue moon, another podcast, in full, spoiler-filled detail. Below, our film critic Dana Stevens talks with Forrest Wickman about Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s new sci-fi epic. Was Nolan able to balance the intergalactic spectacle with the human drama? Are the characters human enough for us to care? Do we even fully understand what happens at the end of the movie?

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  4. The Prometheus Podcast

    David Padron is a cinematics producer, I am a writer/designer, both of us in video games. We talk a lot about movies and culture and games before jumping into a game of League of Legends or Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3 or whatever.

    This week, we talk a lot about Ridley Scott’s most science-fictional movie, Prometheus.

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  5. Movie Banter Episode Passenger 57

    Golden Globes, The Book of Eli, The Road, Exam, Nine, Sherlock Holmes, and ways an agent could annoy Colin Salmon all come up for discussion from Jon, Paul and Jen this episode, plus In This Week In Movie History, your emails and tweets, and Desert Island Flicks looks at the best post-apocalyptic movies of all time.

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  6. Big Picture Science – Science Fiction True

    Don’t believe everything you see on TV or the movies. Science fiction is just a guide to how our future might unfold. It can be misleading, as anyone who yearns for a flying car can tell you. And yet, sometimes fantasy becomes fact. Think of the prototype cellphones in Star Trek.

    We take a look at science that seems inspired by filmic sci-fi, for example scientists manipulating memory as in Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. And despite his famous film meltdown, Charleton Heston hasn’t stopped the Soylent company from producing what it calls the food of the future.

    Plus, why eco-disaster films have the science wrong, but not in the way you might think. And, what if our brains are simply wired to accept film as fact?

    Listen to individual segments here: Part 1: Steve Ramirez / Implanting Memories Part 2: Rob Rhinehart / Soylent Part 3: Jason Mark / Movie Doom Part 3: Jeffrey Zacks / Movie Minds

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  7. Film Courage interview with Donald F. Glut, November 15, 2009

    Author and Filmmaker Donald F. Glut visits the Film Courage studio and why loves monster, horror, science-fiction & fantasy movies. He also shares the budget range on his 6 films, how he financed them, and why he has decided to self-distribute his latest film, Blood Scarab.

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