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  1. Boagworld S02E07 - Real Life Responsive Design: Ethan Marcotte

    We have all read articles on responsive design. However, when you put theory into practice things are never as simple as they first appear. Fortunately you can always ask Ethan Marcotte for help!

    More info and transcript:

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  2. Chasing Wildebeests - Scruffy Thinking

    On this Episode of Scruffy Thinking, our guests are: Stu Maschwitz and Merlin Mann. We discuss living in San Francisco, Star Wars, finding and doing what you love, trusting your grandmother's advice, being unemployed after having lunch with Stu and a lot more.

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  3. Steve Jobs: ‘Computer Science Is A Liberal Art’ : NPR

    Everyone should be able to harness technology, Jobs told Fresh Air's Terry Gross in 1996. In memory of Apple's co-founder and former CEO, we listen back to excerpts of their conversation. "Our goal was to bring a liberal arts perspective … to what had traditionally been a very geeky technology," he said.

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