EP#20: Korean Three Kingdoms and Japan

Following our Rise of Korea episode, we bring back Richard Kim to talk about the Rise of Three Kingdoms in Korea and Origin of Japan. Finally you will have the historic context for historic Korean Dramas such as Ja Myung Go and Queen Seondeok!Maps: Formation of Korean Three Kingdoms

 KDrama Ja Myung Go  (Self Sounding Drum)  based on the Korean legend of Prince Hodong and the Princess of Nangnang  

The Vietnamese legend of Cổ Loa Citadel and the Magic Crossbow

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_uqhMOD-AY  Queen Seondeok of Silla 

  KDrama Queen Seondeok  

 Gold Crown. Silla, 5th century. | National Museum of Korea 

a warrior on horseback. 5-6th century CE, Silla Kingdom 

  Gold diadem with intricate detail from the Baekje kingdom 

The Seven-Branched Sword :  a gift of the king of Baekje that was bestowed upon a Yamato ruler  

Goguryeo Tomb Murals.  5th century A.D. Ji’an city, Jilin province (Manchuria), China   

Gaya Plate Armour

Gaya Iron Helmet

  The golden seal said to have been granted to the "King of Wa (Japan)" by Emperor Guangwu of Han   China

Yamato Japan in the 7th century 

East Asia in 400 CE Ainu, indigenous people of Japan

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