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  1. Eurotrash Ep. 3 - 1989 And All That - Branko Milanović

    This week, the wonderfully insightful economist and writer Branko Milanović stops by the pod. Branko teaches at CUNY and LSE and is one of the foremost experts on inequality. But in this episode Anton and Dominik make use of his encyclopaedic knowledge of political and economic history, particularly of the legacy of 1989, how it relates to the illusion of the end of history and how the current moment has dispelled that illusion.

    Read Branko’s essay on the end of history here:

    Branko’s book is ‘Capitalism, Alone’ (2019) Harvard University Press

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  2. Eurotrash Ep. 2 - Out-hawked - Hans Kundnani

    To talk through their confusion and unease, Anton and Dominik are joined by Hans Kundnani, Director of the Europe Programme at Chatham House. Together they discuss the failure of doux commerce and ‘Wandel durch Handel’, the neoliberal perversion of Ostpolitik, what recent events reveal about our conception of ‘the West’.

    Read Hans’s recent piece in the Observer:

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  3. Eurotrash Ep. 1 - By Other Means - Nicholas Mulder

    In the inaugural episode, Anton Jäger and Dominik Leusder sit down with Cornell historian and author of ‘The Economic Weapon’ Nicholas Mulder to discuss sanctions and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are joined by David Adler of the Progressive International.

    Nick’s book is ‘The Economic Weapon’ (2022)Yale University Press

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    In FITNESS 💪, SPORTS, TRAINING and SPORTS SCIENCE, you must both THINK and DO to achieve your goals 🥅.

    BUT what is the ONE KEY FACTOR that should influence YOUR DECISIONS when PLANNING and executing your workouts and training 😵?

    In our very FIRST episode of the TRAINING SCIENCE PODCAST 🎤🎬 we showcase one of the MAJOR FACTORS for successful performance coaching 👨🏽‍🏫!

    After a combined experience of 45 years, Martin and Paul have seen 🙈 it all in professional sports - as ATHLETES, sports scientists, coaches and SPORTS PERFORMANCE consultants.

    We’ve arrived at the point where we believe there is no one single magic bullet. If we had to pick one however, it would be the appreciation of CONTEXT. Context around your SPORT, TRAINING, SLEEP MANAGEMENT, NUTRITION, LOAD MANAGEMENT, etc. Context is always more important than the content.

    Context means we must look into all the FACTORS that can influence TRAINING and WORKOUT design, periodisation and execution🔎. All must be established before we pencil in any training prescription content if we are to be effective.

    What is a type of CONTEXT 👁️‍🗨️ in training, sport science, coaching or generally sports that you believe is important?


    Today’s speakers:

    Prof. Paul Laursen https://www.paullaur

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  5. Ep. 281 Rax King | How Long Gone

    Rax King is a writer and podcast host from New York. Her new book Tacky is out now. We chat with her about the ups and downs of caviar, is there such a thing as sweatpants that are too thick, Chris’ lack of sound-absorbing furnishings, working at a Hasidic construction company, theme parties, 20 minutes on Creed, 20 minutes on Cheesecake Factory, micropenis as a measurement tool, working at restaurants and what actually happens when you ask your customers whether or not they’ve eaten there before, working at Starbucks and some of the more fucked up drink orders she’s made, and what else is in this book of hers.

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