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  1. Power T Talk Ep 1

    In the first ever VolNation Power-T Talk, Daniel and Zack discuss Butch Jones' consensus top 10 recruiting class. The first topic includes the national credibility that the 2014 recruiting class brings to the program and too Butch Jones. Daniel and Zack then talk about the incredible depth that the class and how many impact players there are. They then go into the importance of the in-state portion of the class and what it does long term. Finally, the guys introduce a weekly segment for Power-T Talk.

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  2. Waving like a maniac

    What Apple might do with the technology behind Kinect, choosing a tablet over a laptop, the office-software yard sale, and the relevance of new gaming consoles. Dan Moren and Jason Snell are joined by Dan Miller and Armando Rodriguez.

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  3. Vector 13: Kevin Michaluk on what happened to BlackBerry |

    It happened to Palm. It's happening to BlackBerry. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung might be insulated by their revenue from other businesses, or they might not. No company stays on top, or even in the game, forever. So, we interrupt our usual programing to get Kevin Michaluk of back on the line so he can explain to us what the hell is happening with BlackBerry. The reaction to the iPhone, the detour of the PlayBook, and the launch of BB10. No. Holds. Barred.

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