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    Maybe you already know Loretta Lynn’s 1975 song about birth control, “The Pill,” was banned from radio upon release. But do you know why? The real answer is not what many would assume.  Recommended if you like: Kitty Wells, Webb Pierce, Jimmie Rodgers, Dixie Chicks, Conway Twitty, KT Oslin, Garth…

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    The Country of the Blind, a famous short story by H.G. Wells, first published in 1904 and then later given a revised ending in 1939. The Country of the Blind was adapted for Escape by John Dunkel and produced/directed by William N. Robson. William Conrad played Ibarra and Paul Frees played Nunez. This episode aired on November 26, 1947.

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  3. DevOps Cafe Podcast & Videos - Show Notes - DevOps Cafe Episode 44

    Gene's back to talk about the rise of The Phoenix (Project)

    John and Damon get a return visit from Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project, to discuss what he's learned in the 8 months since the book launched.   




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    Follow Gene Kim on Twitter: @RealGeneKimFollow John Willis on Twitter: @botchagalupeFollow Damon Edwards on Twitter: @damonedwards


    Gene Kim is the co-author (with Kevin Behr and George Spafford) of The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

    John is continuing his travels to DevOps Days events around the word

    Damon works for SimplifyOps and DTO Solutions

    John works for Dell




    Please leave comments or questions below and we'll read them on the show!

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