Saying ‘no’ through Civil Disobedience | Prairie Public Broadcasting

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  1. Episode 16: Jason Altmire on the Dead Center in American Politics by Political (in)Sanity on Podchaser

    In Episode 16, Melissa and Matt speak with former centrist Congressman (yes, they do exist) Jason Altmire. Altmire is out with a new book about his time on Capitol Hill, "Dead Center," where he laments our state of extreme polarization, and offers some solutions to bring the country together. An impossible dream? Take a listen and find out!

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  2. YANSS 133 – How politics became our identity – You Are Not So Smart

    Dinner parties used to be where you avoided politics. Now talking about politics at dinner parties is the norm.

    Years ago, we avoided politics because we assumed the people at our table had diverse political identities, and we didn’t want to introduce a topic that might lead to an argument. Today, we assume our guests share a single identity, after all, why else would we have invited them?

    Something has changed in the United States, and for many of us, it’s only at Thanksgiving dinner, a gathering where we don’t get to sort ourselves by political tribe, that we must face people who see the world differently than ourselves.

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