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  1. Preble Hall: Nelson, Gunners & Impressment with guest Kate Jamieson

    University of Exeter graduate student Kate Jamieson joins us to discuss Admiral Nelson, Trafalgar, Impressment, and her research on gunners in the Royal Navy.

    EPISODE NOTES Museum web site:

    Museum Facebook page:

    Twitter: @USNAMuseum

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  2. Special Dispatch (Early Release) - Filmmaker Errol Morris | The Fifth Column on Patreon

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  3. Rationally Speaking | Official Podcast of New York City Skeptics - Current Episodes - RS 239 - Saloni Dattani on “The debate over whether male and female brains are different”

    Release date: September 2nd, 2019

    Saloni Dattani

    Several recent books have argued ther…

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  4. Why We Fall for It Every Time - Inquiring Minds

    Inquiring Minds is a podcast exploring the space where science, politics, and society collide.

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  5. The American Automobile: Past, Present, and Driverless - Inquiring Minds

    Inquiring Minds is a podcast exploring the space where science, politics, and society collide.

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  6. PodcastOne: Meghan Daum

    Reporter, essayist and author Meghan Daum joins Dr. Drew to talk about her new book ‘The Problem With Everything: My Journey Through the New Culture Wars’. Learn more about Meghan at or follow her on twitter @Meghan_Daum.

    Women in Govermnment: For more information visit

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  7. Meghan Daum: “Nuance: A Love Story” - Medium Playback - Medium

    On the latest episode of Medium Playback, Meghan shares the story of her affair with the intellectual dark web and a search for complexity in the midst of heartbreak

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  8. Race and Intersectionality - Think Biblically - Biola University

    The concept of intersectionality is a recent and important contribution to the societal conversation on race and racial reconciliation. Join Sean and Scott as they talk with Baylor University professor, Dr. Elizabeth Corey, for her assessment of the intersectionality movement that is sweeping un…

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  9. The Big Pond #12: A House for Reconciliation - January 23, 2019: Goethe-Institut USA

    Five generations have lived at the Alexander-Haus on Groß Glienicker See over the past century – enduring fascism, war, the division of Germany, and the Fall of Communism. Now, the former family home has undergone yet another transition into an educational center.

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  10. The Big Pond #20: Hessian Barracks in Maryland - March 20, 2019: Goethe-Institut USA

    It is estimated that 30,000 Hessian soldiers fought for the British during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). Where did they come from and what happened to the survivors after losing to the US Army? For The Big Pond, Rob Sachs visits the Hessian Barracks in Frederick, Maryland to find out more.

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