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  1. Interview and Q&A with Sönke Ahrens on How to Take Smart Notes

    This is an interview with Sönke Ahrens, a Lecturer in Philosophy of Education at the University of Duisburg-Essen who also coaches students, academics, and professionals with a focus on time management, decision-making, and personal growth. For a full description, show notes, and chat transcript, visit the Praxis blog:

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  2. July 26: The “Wide Awakes” Rally for Abraham Lincoln in Hartford – Today in Connecticut History

      1860 proved to be one of the most intense election years in American history, with political tensions over slavery and secession reaching a breaking point. Connecticut’s hotly-contested race for the governor’s seat, pitting Democrat Thomas Seymour against Republican William Buckingham, was viewed as a bellwether for the national presidential election that would take place…

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  3. Blocked and Reported: Are You Woke Enough To Pay For A Sex Worker? Also: What’s The Matter With Meghan Daum? (Featuring Meghan Daum)

    After the pod gets off to yet another rough start thanks to a vicious anti-bread tirade Katie levels at Jesse, the cohosts discuss "Why Won’t Woke Boys Pay For Sex?," the MEL Magazine article that lit Twitter on fire last week: Is Progressive Sex-Worker Discourse in line with most people’s intuitions about the nature of prostitution? Then the cohosts move on to "I Left New York for Greener Pastures — and a Puppy," a controversial Meghan Daum article in GEN. Soon they are joined by a special guest, who may or may not be Meghan herself (yes, it is her).

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  4. Jared Kushner, Our First Android Vampire President | The New Abnormal with Molly Jong-Fast & Rick Wilson on acast

    In the latest episode of The New Abnormal, Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast discuss Baby Trump’s high chair, his low-rent supervillain of a Treasury Secretary, and whether Jared the K is undead or just a robot. Rick reveals that some of Trump’s own campaign staffers are afraid to give the boss real polling numbers. Plus! Philippe Reines joins our dynamic duo to discuss his week-long MAGA media diet, and how it feels to return to the land of the libtard cucks. Tune in! See for privacy and opt-out information.

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