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  1. City Journal’s 10 Blocks: The “Science” Behind Implicit Bias

    Heather Mac Donald joins City Journal associate editor Seth Barron to discuss the dubious scientific and statistical bases of the trendy academic theory known as “implicit bias.” The implicit association test (IAT), first introduced in 1998, uses a computerized response-time test to measure an individual’s bias, particularly regarding race.  Despite scientific challenges to the test’s validity, the implicit-bias idea has taken firm root in popular culture and in the media. Police forces and corporate HR departments are spending millions every year reeducating employees on how to recognize their presumptive hidden prejudices. Heather discusses the problems with implicit bias, the impact that the concept is having on academia and in the corporate world, and the real reasons for racial disparities in educational achievement and income levels. Heather Mac Donald is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a contributing editor of City Journal, and author of the New York Timesbestseller The War on Cops. Her article in the Autumn 2017 issue of City Journal is entitled, “Are We All Unconscious Racists?”

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  2. Generation X, Millennials, and Technology | City Journal

    Matthew Hennessey joins Aaron Renn to discuss the fading of the baby boom generation, the rise of tech-savvy millennials, and the challenge for those in-between, known as Generation X.

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  3. Interview: Bryan Burrough, Author Of ‘Days Of Rage’ : NPR

    In the ’70s, bombings by American protesters were regular occurrences. Bryan Burrough’s new book tracks down the underground radicals behind such attacks — which he calls "exploding press releases."

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  4. “02. Varnam: Viribhoni (18th century)” by Paccimiriyam Adiappaiah

    South Indian Vocal Music

    Navaratri Festival, October 22, 1974

    Center for World Music (Berkeley, CA)

    Jon Higgins, vocal; Viswanathan, flute; T. Ranganathan, mridangam; V. Nagarajan, kanjira

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  5. Episode 84: w/ John McWhorter “Linguistics, Race, and Beyond” — The Fifth Column / Podcast

    An expansive special dispatch feat. the inimitable John McWhorter of

    Columbia University and Slate’s "Lexicon Valley" podcast.

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  6. The Fifth Column / Podcast

    w/ Bari Weiss (@bariweiss), Staff editor and writer @ New York Times OpinionAn expansive, high-quality dispatch that was unfortunately marred by technical mishaps. It’s not actually Fishers fault (quite the contrary), and things improve considerably as the release goes on.Governmental ShutdownsAmnesty Don’s Great Big Amnesty BonanzaSkipping out on the Wall Street Journal, Making Trouble at the New York Times#MeTooTrump Wanted to Fire MuellerCollusion, Obstruction or YAHTZEE!(Recorded January 25th, 2018)

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  7. Hey Elizabeth Dickinson

    Journalist and Baker Award-winning author, Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, takes us into the bizarre world of a millionaire heiress who used dolls to develop the field of forensic science. We also talk about being a writer in Baltimore, the supportive community, and how she’s building a national profile from coffee shops in Hampden.

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  8. Hey, The Banjo and Baltimore

    Hey Baltimore - We explore the roots of an iconic American instrument, that it turns out, isnt American at all.

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  9. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Discovering America

    The New Yorker: Politics and More

    The novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has had commercial and critical success: Her best-seller “Americanah” won a National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction, and a speech she gave on feminism was sampled by Beyoncé. But Adichie is skeptical of fame, and not afraid to voice controversial opinions. At The New Yorker Festival in October, 2017, she spoke with David Remnick about how the left in this country seems “cannibalistic,” and how, as a Nigerian immigrant to America, she at first distanced herself from our country’s conception of blackness. America was complicated for Adichie: she appreciated the freedom from the social hierarchies back home, but she had imagined everything would be newer and shinier than it really was.

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  10. Episode 86: w/ Tina Brown “The Vanity Fair Diaries and Authentic Bullshit” (Special Dispatch) — The Fifth Column / Podcast

    A very Moynihan dispatch for Christmas.

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