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  1. Peter Merholz in Conversation with Don Norman About UX & Innovation

    Peter Merholz chats with Don Norman, author and co-author of fourteen books, including the seminal The Design of Everyday Things, and his recently released The Design of Future Things, about what he thinks about user experience design today and what companies need to do to innovate. From

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  2. User Experience Best Practices

    Nick will explore the best practices of user experience by reviewing some of the most popular and highly trafficked websites today such as eBay, Amazon, Toyota, Flickr, Twitter, Netflix and more. Nick will identify and explain both good an bad experiences on these sites on the merits of visual design, information architecture, interaction, and ease of use. If there is time we will open the floor for audience submissions and to provide quick feedback and areas of improvement.

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  3. Simple as Pi

    Episode two of Five Numbers, the BBC radio series presented by Simon Singh.

    Most people's first slice of Pi is at school where it is generally made palatable as either 3.14 or the fraction 3 1/7. The memory of this number may be fuzzy for those propelled through their Maths GCSE by the power of Casio (where Pi was reduced to a button on the bottom row of the calculator), but the likelihood is they still recall that romanticised notion of a number whose decimal places randomly go on forever. At its simplest, Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. At its most complex, it is an irrational number that cannot be expressed as the ratio of two whole numbers and has an apparently random decimal string of infinite length.

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  4. SitePoint Podcast #48: Publishing Futures with Derek Powazek

    This week, Kevin Yank (@sentience) and Derek Powazek (@fraying), co-creator of JPG Magazine and creator of Fray, discuss the pros and cons of ebooks, what Apple’s iPad means to publishers big and small, and why print may be here to stay.

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  5. Rule 53 ep 6 C.C. Chapman, Amanda Helfand

    This week’s episode of Rule 53 features one of my favorite people, the one and only C.C. Chapman. We paired up C.C. with Amanda Helfand, a student at Bentley University because of her keen interest in marketing and social media. As one of the founders of the Advance Guard (recently acquired by Campire), one of the first new media consultancies, C.C. is an leading social media strategist, community organizer, media maven, and digital dad extraordinaire. He also happens to be a Bentley alum and a veteran podcaster.

    In this episode, C.C. and Amanda tackle the challenges of time management, what it means to multi-task in a digital world, tips for working from home, Twitter, and last but not least, Rule 53.

    Words of wisdom from C.C.:

    * “Learn everything you can and share it with others.”
    * His Rule 53: “Eliminate ‘I can’t’ from your vocabularly.”

    Many thanks to C.C. and Amanda for their time and stay tuned for next week’s episode where we interview another Community leader, Chris Brogan.

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  6. Rule53 -Ep11- Edward Boches & Persa Konomi

    Its been a a couple weeks since the last episode of Rule 53 and I am excited to say we are back with a great match up. I’ve been looking forward to connecting this guest duo for a while now. This week we hear from Edward Boches, Chief Creative Officer at Mullen and Persa Konomi, senior in the Marketing program at Bentley University.

    Edward Boches has been a big part of growing Mullen into the full-service ad agency it is today and they work with some really powerful brands.

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  7. 37signals podcast - Episode 7 - Ryan Singer on the 37signals design process

    Ryan Singer, who manages 37signals' products and leads the design team, talks about the company's design process. He discusses how the design team works with each other and collaborates with programmers. He gives advice to other design/development teams on how to work together smoothly. He talks about how studying Rails has made him a better designer. He explains why Christopher Alexander and Edward Tufte have been big influences. And information architecture even gets some love!

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