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  1. Mac Power Users #300: #MPU300 - Relay FM

    Myke and Stephen turn the tables on David and Katie to celebrate the 300th episode of the show featuring questions from MPU listeners.

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  2. Mac Power Users #268: Travel Hacks with Liana Lehua - Relay FM

    Liana Lehua joins us to talk about how her job as a producer for media events takes her around the world and the travel hacks she’s picked up along the way.

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  3. Inquisitive #26: I Wasn’t Prepared For This, with Merlin Mann - Relay FM

    This week Myke is joined by Merlin Mann. They talk about getting out of your comfort zone, starting new things, killing old things and how these topics apply to a new direction for this show.

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  4. Analog(ue) #23: We Should Start a Band - Relay FM

    This week Casey and Myke had a list of topics, but spent an hour talking about their music tastes instead.

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  5. Inquisitive #21: Exploit the Constraints, with David Smith - Relay FM

    This week Myke is joined by David Smith. They talk about the Apple WATCH, developing for it with Watchkit and how David is sharing what he learns.

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