Design Is About Relationships—Josh Brewer

It’s easy to get so caught up in theory and process that we forget that design is about relationships. It’s not about Photoshop comps or bytes of code. It’s about people. And content. And, especially today, their devices. It’s about the interplay between content and form, between real-time data and how, when and why we share and consume it. It’s about enabling connections where they couldn’t have existed before. It’s about focusing on creating experiences that are more meaningful, more delightful, and ultimately, more human.

Josh Brewer is a San Francisco-based designer with a passion for beautiful, usable products—spending his time thinking about, designing and building things that live at the intersection of form, function & aesthetic. Josh was the former Director of UX at but is presently part of the incredible design team at Twitter, and is one of the co-creators behind usability blog 52 Weeks Of UX.

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