The Skills Needed to Future-Proof Your Organization (SIYLI—Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute)

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  1. 12. Mindfulness at Work - Podcasts | Heroku

    Francis Lacoste, a Director of Engineering at Heroku, is a longtime meditation practicioner. In 2015, he attended public seminar on mindfulness by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, which was co-founded by a former Google engineer. The workshop emphasized mindfulness as a benefit to businesses by framing the mental health benefits as something that could improve worker productivity. Enlightened by this discovery, he worked to bring the lessons over to Heroku. Heroku’s remote culture introduced some challenges to the original structure of the program. Participants are connected through Zoom meetings, rather than being seated in a room together. As well, the workshop take place over the course of a week, rather than two very long days. Herokai have responded very positively to the lessons, and some have earnestly applied the practices at home and with their families. The actual practice itself is very secularized, even though it draws on Buddhist traditions. Francis Lacoste believes that culturally, we are not given the appropriate tooling to deal with conflicts and stress, and finds mindfulness to be a fantastic aid to those problems. Links from this episode Search Inside Yourself DIY Meditation Guide Social Meditation

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  2. Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

    Peter Salovey, Yale Provost, speaks at the 2010 Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) Conference, Building Leadership for Health held at Yale University. He extends an official University welcome and shares remarks on the psychology of leadership, drawing on his expertise in emotional intelligence and leadership.

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  3. How to Change Your Brain With Mindfulness, With Daniel Goleman - The Upgrade by Lifehacker

    In this episode we’re talking about meditation and the lasting effects it can have on our minds and bodies. Joining us is Daniel Goleman, co-author of the book “Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body.” Daniel Goleman is a psychologist and science journalist known for his numerous books on emotional intelligence, including the bestselling book “Emotional Intelligence.”  In the book “Altered Traits,” he and his co-author Richard Davidson waded through the thousands of studies that have been published on mindfulness, and identified what data we should pay attention to, and what we should ignore as hype. They also reveal the latest results from Davidson’s own lab: data that point to what the future of mind-training methods should be.

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