SOTB5 - Ensuring a performant web for the next billion people - Bruce Lawson - HD 720p

It’s important to look beyond the West and see what the rest of the world is doing. How can we help our customers/ organisations ensure their web sites can be seen by the billions of people coming online, and how can we ensure that we don’t get a web for the haves and a web for the have-nots? Where will your next customers come from? Why do the next billion matter, and where do they come from? What devices do they use? What challenges do they face? Devices, network etc. What is coming in web standards to ameliorate some of these? What can browsers do to help – and how do proxy browsers work? How can web developers ensure their sites work properly with proxy browsers? ABOUT BRUCE Bruce evangelises open standards for Opera. He co-authored Introducing HTML5, was on the Web Standards Project’s Accessibility Task Force and the W3C Mobile Best Practices Working Group. He blogs at and tweets at @brucel. He’s mostly famous for his fashion blog

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