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  1. Professor Olivier Sibony on Mistakes — The Human Risk Podcast

    Why do even the smartest and most savvy business people make mistakes? It’s not because they’re stupid. Instead, it’s because of the way our brains work. That’s what Professor Olivier Sibony, my guest on this episode, explores in his latest book “You’re About To Make A Terrible Mistake”.

    In that book, he highlights how cognitive biases that underpin our thinking, can lead us to make terrible mistakes. Using fascinating case studies, he explores how we can fall into what he calls decision-making traps and how we can mitigate those. Not by re-programming ourselves, but rather by using collective thinking.

    In our discussion, we explore the ideas in his book, and we look ahead to his next book “Noise” which he’s writing with Daniel Kahneman and Cass Sunstein.

    For more on Olivier see his website:

    You’ll find details of his book here in English:

    For articles, presentations and videos, see here:

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  2. Building Better Worlds (Cennydd Bowles, New Adventures conference, 23rd January 2020)

    Presented by Cennydd Bowles at New Adventures, 23rd January 2020, Nottingham, UK.

    We can’t go on like this. In the face of climate crisis, deepening inequality, and widespread automation, our infrastructures and imaginations aren’t ready for the changes ahead. But this is no time for mourning. Designers can rebuild our outdated institutions and prototype better futures to come. Along the way, we’ll reimagine design itself. User-centred methods have blinded us to social and ecological harms; we now need speculative and critical approaches to the world’s biggest challenges. Design in a world on the brink means embracing our moral duties, becoming planetary custodians, and giving the many, not just the few, a stake in the future. Better worlds are possible, if we wish them.

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  3. The New Corner Office with Laura Vanderkam | The Productivityist Podcast: A Time Management and Personal Productivity Talk Show

    On this episode I’m joined once again by Laura Vanderkam, a fellow productivity specialist. Laura is the author of several books, including "The New Corner Office: How the Most Successful People Work from Home."

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  4. Becoming Indistractable with Nir Eyal | The Productivityist Podcast: A Time Management and Personal Productivity Talk Show

    On this episode I’m joined by Nir Eyal, the author of what I consider to be the best productivity book I’ve read in a long time, Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life.

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  5. Relationships: Ellie Taylor and Oliver Burkeman | Deal With It on Acast

    Relationships are central to our wellbeing and happiness yet sometimes our communication leaves a lot to be desired. Best selling author and psychology columnist Oliver Burkeman joins Ellie Taylor to analyse how to turn the negative into the positive and foster healthy, well functioning relationships with all. From dating apps to lockdown woe, this will be a comedic journey through the trials and tribulations of the bonds we form and how we go about maintaining them. Produced by Verizon Media, in association with Corsodyl Toothpaste See for privacy and opt-out information.

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  6. Dublin UX: Mind Matters

    On Tuesday, 16th June, Dublin UX went LIVE@HOME, with an event focused on Mind Matters. The following are quick links to the relevant sections of broadcast. Opening segment, welcome and meeting the organisers. 16:30 Designing for Mental Health - A Founders Story by Aimée-Louise Carton Planets by Keith Tormey 46:43 Kathryn Cullen from Technology Ireland Software Skillnet 1:19:30 Mental Health Model by Piers Scott 1:33:38 What’s the place of Mental Health in Diversity & Inclusion? By Vessy Tasheva 1:58:02 Q&A with Piers and Vessy 2:15:01 Community Moment 2:28:02 Twitter Giveaway Results 2:33:25 Event Wrap Up 2:41:26

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