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My name is Jan-Yves, when I'm not doing chemistry or geeking out about fonts and food, I'm writing at my website, which is www.1klb.com.

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  1. Systematic 4 - On Design, Visualization and Journaling

    On Design, Visualization and Journaling August 7, 2012 at 3:45pm • 51 minutes • Wiki Entry Paul Mayne and Ben Dolman, creators, designers and developers of Day One journaling software join Brett to talk about motivation, coding and the freedom of designing within restrictions.

    Hover, Squarespace (coupon: DANSENTME8), and Flixel. 0:00 Download: MP3 Audio (23.9 MB)

    Show Notes & Links Presented by HelpSpot Open links in a new window? Day One | A simple Journal Day One: journal app nirvana in the Twitter age | The Verge Review: Day One — Shawn Blanc MacStories Review: The New Day One Slogger: Social Logging by any other name would have a better name Day One CLI (Command Line Interface) Nicholas Felton | Feltron.com

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