Incomparable Radio Theater | Jumpin’ Jupiter! (Episode 1.1)

Show Notes & Links

Written by David J. Loehr

Directed by Serenity Caldwell

Produced and edited by Jason Snell

Original music by Christopher Breen


Philip Michaels as your announcer

David J. Loehr as Paul Citron

Moises Chiullan as O. Leo Leahy


Andy Ihnatko as Announcer

Monty Ashley as Scoutmaster Greene

Steve Lutz as Timmy Preston

Jason Snell as JCN 3000

Julian Snell as Guildenstern

Jamie Snell as Didi

Tiffany Arment as Lady

Moises Chiullan as Scoutmaster Songh

Myke Hurley as Joachim

Carina Lutz as Gogo

WHO SHOT MERLIN?: “All’s Fair in Love and Murder”

Philip Mozolak as Announcer

Merlin Mann as Merlin