How Unmesh Dinda Got 1.5 Million Subscribers On YouTube

He started using photoshop at 8. Since then he’s amassed an incredible following by teaching others Photoshop. All of this is done from his bedroom in Mumbai. Incredible story. Chris interviews Unmesh Dinda at Max

Unmesh 1:15 - How did Unmesh get started? 3:10 - How to get excited about photoshop? 5:14 - Why Unmesh wanted to teach on YouTube? 6:53 - He got very little subscribers even after 100 videos 8:17 - How did you grow your channel? 10:55 - How did you become successful, living in Mumbai? People feel like you need to be in the US. 16:46 - How do you know what you’re good at? Gifts vs Talents 19:40 - What makes a good teacher? 20:30 - How do you balance quantity and quality videos? 26:30 - What is your video making process? 27:30 - Are high-quality videos essential for YouTube? 31:00 - Unmesh’s workflow 37:00 - What advice do you have for creators?

PixImperfect w Unmesh Dinda

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