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  1. Voices of VR #11: James Blaha’s Diplopia VR game helped him see in 3D in the real world for the first time of his life. Neuroplasticity & VR therapy for lazy eye

    0:00 – Intro & developing Diplopia to help with lazy eye, and being able see in 3D for the first time 1:00 – Being able to see in 3D in the real world after 20 hours of playing across 3 weeks 1:33 – Who’s heard of this breakthrough so far? 2:02 – What do you have to do to maintain 3D vision in the real world? Similar to a weak muscle 2:35 – Did you imagine that you would be able to get to this point in the beginning? Reading neuroplasticity research studies related to lazy eye. 3:09 – Have there been others who have been able to successfully see in 3D? Example of eliminating double vision. Testimonial video from Dillon 3:47 – Spaced repetition bringing improvement in vision. 3:58 – What is the optimal time for learning using this? 15 minutes every other day. 4:26 – What was the previous “common knowledge” thinking about the critical age for when the visual system would hard-wired? It used to be 8-10 years old until neuroplasticity studies started coming out. Traditional methods of treating lazy eye don’t really work. 5:20 – What other research interest has Diplopia received? 5:55 – More details about the game and the game design, and how you make it fun. Take advantage of the brain’s goal and reward system. The goal of the game is to improve your vision. 6:37 – Two miniature games at the moment, and building out more. 7:00 – What gets you excited about the potential for Virtual Reality? Able to finely control the input to the brain, and being able to control perception on a fine level will have more applications than anyone imagines. 7:49 – What’s next for Diplopia? Get it out and help as many people as they can.

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  2. View from the Top: Craig Federighi

    Craig Federighi (B.S. '91, M.S. '93 CS), the senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, Inc., delivers some "Questionable Advice from One Very Lucky Berkeley Engineer."

    This View from the Top conversation with Dean Tsu-Jae King Liu was delivered Nov. 21, 2019, in Banatao Auditorium at UC Berkeley. It was co-hosted by the College of Engineering and the Berkeley chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

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  3. How to be Heard in a Noisy World - Casey Neistat at Craft + Commerce 2018

    // This is Casey Neistat's main stage talk from Craft + Commerce 2018. If you like what you see, learn more and grab tickets to the next Craft + Commerce right here – use promo code YOUTUBE at checkout for $100 off.

    // In a world where we are inundated by content, how do you earn the eyeballs of your audience?

    Why should they care about what you have to say?

    Casey Neistat knows a thing or two about creating attention-grabbing and thought-provoking content that will leave your audience begging for more.

    // Craft + Commerce is the annual conference dedicated to helping creators earn a living online. Hosted by ConvertKit in Boise, ID.

    Craft + Commerce is a combination of:

    1. Inspiring (and educational) main stage talks from full-time online business owners
    2. Nitty-gritty workshops teaching in-the-weeds levels of detail on how to build a business around your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel
    3. Parties, meetups, and small group gatherings to help you build meaningful relationships with other creators and entrepreneurs just like you.

    Learn more and grab tickets to the next Craft + Commerce right here – use promo code YOUTUBE at checkout for $100 off.

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  4. Mark Blyth - Why People Vote for Those Who Work Against Their Best Interests

    Recorded 10/11/2017 Mark Blyth's best seller Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea Mark Blyth is a British political scientist from Scotland and a professor of international political economy at Brown University.

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  5. Matt Hancock Broke The Law: The Full Story

    A high court judge has ruled Matt Hancock acted unlawfully by not revealing the details of contracts signed during the pandemic. But this is a scandal - uncovered by the work of the Good Law Project - which says so much more: about where £12.5bn worth of public money has gone, about our government, and about British society in 2021.

    To explain what it all means, we're joined by The Good Law Project's Jolyon Maugham and Open Democracy's Peter Geoghegan. A must watch.

    Please like, subscribe - and help us take on the right-wing media:

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  6. A parent and a young patient share their experience with Vivid Vision

    Welcome to the Vivid Vision spotlights podcast. Rebekah Nault joins us to share her and her son's experience using Vivid Vision.

    Show Notes:

    1:00 How did Rebekah find out about her son's binocular vision issues?

    2:30 How Rebekah found about virtual reality vision therapy.

    3:40 Conversations around the age of Rebekah's and Vivid Vision.

    4:30 What changes has Rebekah noticed about her son since beginning VR vision therapy.

    6:00 Was giving Vivid Vision a try a difficult decision?

    7:30 How Vivid Vision impacted life at school and at home.

    8:30 How can Vivid Vision improve in the future?

    11:00 A young patient's perspective on Vivid Vision.

    13:00 Why Ring Runner is Ben's favorite game.

    12:30 What is Ben's least favorite Ben

    14:00 What would be a dream game for Ben?

    Thanks for listening.

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