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  1. Book Identifiers - Personal Libraries - IndieWeb Popup 2022

    If we were able to cross-reference book reviews and book pages, how would those books be identified? The state of the art of book identifiers (OLID, Goodreads ID, ISBN, WorldCat, LCCN, etc) is complicated. How are we supposed to interact with it? How do we cross-walk these IDs?

    —Huffduffed by iomadh

  2. Decentralized Bookshelves - Personal Libraries - IndieWeb Popup 2022

    There are several new Goodreads-like services, but each service maintains their own API and bookshelf data: "Want to read", "Finished reading", etc. also has an API for creating and managing books and bookshelves, based on JSON Feed. Some people maintain these lists on their own blog manually. Can we standardize how apps get and set bookshelf data? Could this be a convention around feeds, or maybe an extension of Micropub channels?

    —Huffduffed by iomadh

  3. Ad-Hoc Book Discussion Clubs - Personal Libraries - IndieWeb Popup 2022

    How can we use personal libraries published to the web to facilitate ad-hoc book clubs or one-off discussions with people who are already actively reading (or have just read) the same books as us? What are the key pieces of infrastructure that would help facilitate these groups? Save us from the eternal problem of starting book clubs with people, then struggling to agree on books. Flips the equation to start with the book, then find the people.

    —Huffduffed by iomadh