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  1. A conversation with Jim Simons: Mathematics, Common Sense and Good Luck

    During the 2022 Abel lectures Jim Simons had a conversation with Nils A. Baas and Nicolai Tangen. The lectures were held at The University of Oslo, May 25th, in connection with the 2022 Abel Prize Week celebrations.

    Jim Simons is an American mathematician, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist. Simons is known for using mathematical methods and algorithms to make investment gains. In addition to this, he is a long-time acquaintance of Dennis Sullivan, and in 2008 the duo wrote a paper together.⁠

    Nils A. Baas is a Norwegian mathematician and professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

    Nicolai Tangen is the CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management, tasked with managing the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, which is the largest publicly held financial fund in the world, owning approximately 1.4% of the world’s listed companies.

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  2. Episode 47 We Need to Talk About Aleksandr Dugin

    With the recent invasion of Ukraine, it’s become clear that Putinism and Duginism have converged. Who is Aleksandr Dugin? And how is he relevant to Russia’s attempted invasion?
    Dugin is rumored to have the ear of Vladimir Putin, to be his advisor, and since Russia has a history of autocratic rulers being advised by mystical characters with long hair and unkempt facial hair, there is a tendency of folks dismissing this all together. But you know it makes sense, since Dugin is a prominent member of the largest political party in Russia and has acted as an advisor to the state duma in the past.

    In 1997, Aleksandr Dugin publishes a book called "The foundations of geopolitics: the geopolitical future of Russia". The cover of the book in at least one edition has an outline of the continents of Europe and Asia, with the symbol of 8 arrows, 4 of which point in the cardinal directions. The other arrows point in the directions of southwest, southeast, northwest, and northeast, and the symbolism of the Eurasian continent behind the outward expanding arrows leaves no question the intention of this book: this is a manifesto for Russian expansion.

    Additional Notes:

    Much of the information sited in this episode is taken from previous interview conducted on this show.

    We invite you to listen to ou…

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  3. WTF Podcast - Quentin Tarantino

    The pandemic forced a lot of changes on all of us, but for Quentin Tarantino, he was already undergoing a huge change right as the pandemic started: He became a first-time father. Now with the release of his first novel, the famed director talks with Marc about the shifting perspectives and priorities that come with getting older. They also talk about the death of Old Hollywood, the Manson family, and why he wouldn’t use the name Tarantino if he had to start all over again. Plus, Tom Scharpling finally gives Marc what he wants in Get to Know Tom.

    WTF with marc maron podcast - Quentin Tarantino

    Marc Maron welcomes comedians, actors, directors, writers, authors, musicians and folks from all walks of life to his home for amazingly revealing conversations. Marc’s probing, comprehensive interview style allows guests to express themselves in ways listeners have never heard.

    Date Episode : 28-06-2021

    #quentin #tarantino #quentintarantino arantino #WTF #MARC #MARON #PODCASTS #Comedians

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