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  1. 36 Seconds That Changed Everything – How the iPhone Learned to Talk

    How the iPhone Learned to Talk

    —Huffduffed by stillmoms

  2. Ramit Sethi — Automating Finances, Negotiating Prenups, Disagreeing with Tim, and More (#371) | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

    "Most of us should spend less time on most decisions and we should spend a lot more time on a few key decisions." — Ramit Sethi Ramit Sethi, (@ramit) author of the New York Times bestseller I Will Teach You To Be Rich, has become a financial guru to millions of readers in their twenties, thirt…

    —Huffduffed by monish

  3. Deutschlandfunk: Rechter Terror

    Hepp-Kexel-Gruppe, Aktion Widerstand, Ekkehard Weil, "Bombenhirn" Naumann, - kaum jemand kennt diese Namen. Auch den verantwortlichen Politikern ging es wohl so, als 2011 der NSU aufflog. Dabei gab es in der Bundesrepublik seit den 1960er-Jahren Terrorakte von Rechtsextremisten.

    —Huffduffed by enricogenauck