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  1. Yuval Noah Harari on ‘The Bright Side of Nationalism’, at the Central European University

    Watch Prof. Yuval Noah Harari speak about nationalism at the Central European University in Budapest, in May 2019. This university will soon stop operating in Hungary, due to changes to the country’s law that restrict its academic freedom.

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  2. Die Zerstörung der CDU.

    Die Europawahl bzw EU-Wahl steht vor der Tür. Ob CDU, SPD oder AfD gute Parteien sind, die im Einklang mit Wissenschaft und Logik stehen, versuche ich in diesem Video zu beantworten. In jedem Fall: Geht wählen am nächsten Wochenende. Sonst entscheiden Rentner über eure Zukunft und geil ist das nicht.

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  3. Take Back Your Web - Tantek Çelik

    We used to control our online identities, content, and experience. We now share Twitter names instead of domains; even web developers tweet and post on Medium instead of their own sites. We scroll social media and feel empty instead of reading news & blogs to feel informed and connected. Algorithmic feeds amplify rage & conspiracies, enabling tribal ad-targeting to polarise and spread misinformation, threatening democracy itself. What happened? And what are we doing to fix it? That’s a big question that will require all of us, our communities, our employers, to shift. I don’t want to wait, and you probably don’t either. What can you do for yourself, today? Own your domain. Own your content. Own your social connections. Own your reading experience. IndieWeb services, tools, and standards enable you to take back your web.

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