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  1. Garage Cleaning is Beneficial All Around

    Garage cleaning is hard work and laborious, for certain and it is a shame that we do not keep up with the maintenance of this room on an ongoing basis. If you work at your garage as a writer it’s really important to make it clean, because it will increase your productivity and you will write essays, dissertations or articles about argumentative research paper topics and about how to write an essay that students will buy or read on educational websites such as! Look at the condition of the floor, for example, and vow to do something about this. All kinds of debris can fall from your car when you return from a trip, especially if it is raining. Put some garage floor mats beneath each vehicle to account for this problem.

    You don’t want your concrete floor to become marked up, detracting from the value of your home and you should view garage floor mats as a necessary investment. In addition, all the boxes that are stored against each wall will not be doing much to protect their contents, if they’re allowed to get damp and subject to mold and mildew.


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  2. Streit zwischen Virologen Drosten und Kekulé

    Wie ansteckend sind Kinder, die sich mit Covid-19 infiziert haben, für andere Menschen? Dieser Frage widmete sich Deutschlands oberster Virologe Christian Drosten gemeinsam mit seinem Team in einer Studie, die er als Preprint veröffentlichte.

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  3. Adam Ragusea and I Talk Cooking, YouTube, Music, and Family

    If you don’t follow Adam Ragusea, do!

    I didn’t know Adam Ragusea’s work when I started my YouTube channel, but i quickly found out about it because, as viewers have let me know and I discovered for myself, it’s pretty great. So we had a conversation and learned a little more about each other. Turns out we have a lot in common! Falling into food and YouTube accidentally, playing and composing music, nerding out over all things cooking, and balancing work and home life. We had a good talk so thought we ought to share it.

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