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  1. John Dillermand: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

    John Oliver explains why a Danish children’s cartoon resonates with him so much.

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  2. Browser Interviews with Soumaya Keynes

    Baiqu sits down with Soumaya Keynes, European economics editor for The Economist and the host of Trade Talks.

    Read the full transcript at THE BROWSER

    Every day we read hundreds of articles and select the very finest. Our aim is to surprise and delight you with pieces you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. In a world consumed by bots, noise and breaking-news, the Browser gives you carefully-curated writings (and listenings) of lasting value. As a Browser subscriber you’ll never be short of interesting things to read or talk about.

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    Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe:

    0:00 Introducing Soumaya Keynes 1:00 How to sound smart in a conversation 5:15 Learning about economics 14:52 On having an existential crisis 17:03 Best Amazon purchase 17:06 App recommendation, Nuzzel 17:56 Book recommendation, Post War by Tony Judt and Sa…

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