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  1. 🎧 Exclusive: Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg on what’s next for Tumblr | Read Write Collect

    Interesting discussion about the open future of Tumblr. If possible, click to play, otherwise your browser may be unable to play this audio file. Matt Mullenweg discusses the transition to WordPress a

    —Huffduffed by johnjohnston

  2. Accidental Clicking

    John Siracusa joins me to discuss RSI in depth, drawing on both of our experiences we look at what works, what doesn’t and why you should care. Keyboards, trackpads, trackballs, mice, chairs, we cover it all.

    —Huffduffed by maplepixel

  3. #60: Cortex/Upgrade: Dangertown Beatdown

    This time the Snell-O-Tron takes Myke and Grey on a 1980’s cop adventure! Can they save their partner, keep away from corruption, and learn how to ride their motorcycle? Find out in this years text adventure special!

    SPOILERS: Myke’s Map:

    SPOILERS: Grey’s First Map:

    SPOILERS: Grey’s Second Map:

    —Huffduffed by unwitting