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  1. Don Melton on Apple, Safari, WebKit and Netscape

    Don Melton is popularly known as the father of the Safari web browser or WebKit. He’s basically a web browser legend. Not only does Don tell us a lot of great stuff about Safari, WebKit, Apple and more, but he was also an early Netscape employee, so we get some more great details about that company, especially in its later stages.

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  2. hello No. 10½: iPhone, NEW! IMPROVED! NOW WITH NUMBER 4

    A short show following the iPhone 4 announcement. We discuss Steve Jobs’ opening keynote at WWDC, from its announcements to the problems. The lack of Mac announcements irritates us but we could see it coming, sort of.

    Errata for this show: Safari 5 was in fact accounced at the Safari State-of-the-Union.

    Also: Dave’s iPad experience, the hello Show Wii Tournament, and Listening to the hello Show Requires Ownership of a Wii.

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  3. HTTP 203: Is Safari the new IE?

    In this episode, Surma and Jake chat about:  

    HTTP 203 on memory debugging →   Box-sizing →   IE5.5 box model →   Tim Perry’s article →   IE double margin bug →   IE duplicate characters bug →   Dave Rupert’s article →   PROXX →   Weird emails from browser testing services →  

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