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  1. Discord & Rhyme 013: Meat Puppets - Forbidden Places (1991)

    MEAT!!! 1991’s Forbidden Places was the major-label debut for Meat Puppets, a critically adored 1980s Phoenix alternative rock band known for its mixture of country and psychedelia — then, three months later, Nirvana’s Nevermind came along and changed the face of music. Acknowledging the Puppets as an influence, Kurt Cobain invited Curt and brother Cris to Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged sessions to play on covers of three songs from Meat Puppets II (1983), but by that point, the band’s momentum had been interrupted. So with today’s episode, Will hopes to do justice to a fine, sturdy power pop album that, in an alternate universe, would have made the Kirkwoods & Co. huge.


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  2. Micro Monday Episode 39: Brent Simmons, podcasting and blogging at Omni

    The Omni Show, a podcast that features the people who bring you all the great software from Omni Group, just marked its first anniversary. The host of that show, marketing human Brent Simmons, joins us on Micro Monday to talk about what is special about this type of podcast.

    “It’s important to note that we’re not just getting the stories of people who could potentially be stars later. We want every story and every single person’s voice. I often think back to the punk rock ethos: kill all rock stars. The audience and the band should be interchangeable.”

    We also talk about his project, NetNewsWire, an app he first launched in 2002, sold to another company in 2005, and then re-acquired this year. That leads us to talking about RSS and Micro.blog, and what we hope to see in the future of the internet and social media.


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  3. RTÉ Radio 1 - Documentary on One - Yer Only Man

    Who is the man Myles na gCopaleen? Brian O’Nolan was regarded as a major figure in twentieth century Irish literature. Friends and colleagues speak about the writer, husband and character behind the pen names Flann O’Brien & Myles na gCopaleen. (1976)

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  4. The Third Policeman

    Radio performance of Flann O’Brien’s absurdist novel. A scholar’s crime sees him transported to a bicycle-centric shadow world.


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  5. Fintan O’Toole on Flann O’Brien

    Sasha Weiss speaks with Fintan O’Toole, columnist for the Irish Times, about the genius and misfortune of the great Irish novelist Flann O’Brien.

    From http://www.nybooks.com/podcasts/

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  6. CAFE Insider 12/3: Cohen’s Sentence; Comey’s Testimony

    Preet and Anne Milgram break down the week’s biggest news, including:

    The sentencing memo filed on behalf of Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, who is scheduled to be sentenced on December 12.

    The implications of the double jeopardy doctrine for Paul Manafort, and whether he could be charged by state authorities, in addition to the federal cases.

    Former FBI Director James Comey’s upcoming closed-door testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

    They also address a listener’s question about inspector general investigations.

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  7. Fintan O’Toole: Brexit: Ireland and the English Question

    As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, it has become ever clearer, not just that Brexit has profound consequences for Ireland, but that Irish issues have profound consequences for Brexit. Ireland is strongly committed to remaining in the EU, and is thus set to become its only English-speaking member state.

    After Britain leaves the EU in March 2019, the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will suddenly become a major international frontier. The peace process that culminated in the Good Friday Agreement 20 years ago has made the border largely invisible. This has been a crucial contributor to the normalising of life on the island of Ireland. But Brexit threatens to bring back a hard border — a development all sides say they abhor but no one seems to know how to avoid. This is why the Irish question has become the single most important factor in shaping Brexit. As Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland wait for Britain to provide an exit strategy, tensions are rising. How can Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic prepare for Brexit? Can Northern Ireland reject Brexit and fight to maintain EU ties? How will these EU-related decisions affect relations between the two? And what does this problem tell us about the crisis of English identity that has led to this extraordinary moment in the entangled history of Ireland and Britain? Fintan O’Toole, historical writer, political commentator, and columnist for the Irish Times, will discuss the consequences Brexit may have for Ireland.

    Fintan has won both the European Press Prize and the Orwell Prize for his writings on Brexit and his book Brexit: The Politics of Pain will be published in November. While in the Bay Area, Fintan O’Toole will also join 15 visiting writers and poets from Ireland at the third annual Irish Arts & Writers Festival, Los Gatos. Fintan will read from and sign his new highly informative and entertaining book, "Judging Shaw", at Montalvo Arts Center, Friday Oct. 12th. More info at www.irishartsfestival.com

    SPEAKER: Fintan O’Toole Journalist, The Irish Times

    MODERATOR: Jane Wales CEO, World Affairs and Global Philanthropy Forum; Vice President, The Aspen Institute

    For more information about this event please visit: http://worldaffairs.org/event-calendar/event/1891

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  8. Pod Save America - “Yo, collusion!”

    Marcy Wheeler joins Jon and Dan to break down Individual-1’s very bad day and discuss the future of the Trump investigation, Pelosi wins her caucus vote for Speaker, Schumer kicks off shutdown negotiations, and Sherrod Brown shows Democrats how to talk about Trump and the economy.

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  9. The Lawfare Podcast: Special Edition: Michael Cohen’s Trump Tower Moscow Plea

    Thursday saw another plea deal from Michael Cohen: this time with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Cohen pleaded guilty to one count of lying to Congress regarding how long into the 2016 campaign the Trump Organization sought to build Trump Tower in Moscow and who exactly knew about the efforts. The criminal information validates to a remarkable degree a May 2017 report from Anthony Cormier and Jason Leopold of BuzzFeed News, chronicling the details of Michael Cohen and associate Felix Sater’s efforts to cement the real estate deal.

    Immediately after new of the plea broke, Benjamin Wittes sat down with Cormier, Susan Hennessey and Paul Rosenzweig to discuss the story, the implications of the plea for the Mueller investigation, and who just might have legal exposure and for what.

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  10. Connected #220: Numeric Professional

    Stephen and Federico walk through their new Mac mini setups, then Federico fights with iCloud in Radar #46282145. Please help.


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