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  1. Grateful Dead Listening Guide 001 - Audience Appreciation

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  2. Show #90 - David Lemieux (Grateful Dead Archivist) (5/3/11)

    David Lemieux is the official audio and video tape archivist for the Grateful Dead. He’s overseen countless live CD and DVD releases since 1999, when he took over the position after the passing of Dick Latvala, the original Dead archivist. He also hosts a daily segment called Today in Grateful Dead History on Siruius/XM radio. Lemieux chats with Icon Fetch about the band’s most ambitious project yet, Europe ‘72 - The Complete Recordings, a SEVENTY TWO disc box set chronicling what many believe to be the Grateful Dead’s finest tour. He also talks about how he came to be in charge of these most-hallowed recordings, and how much is really left unheard in the vaults.

    Listen to the Icon Fetch interview with David Lemieux JavaScript is disabled!To display this content, you need a JavaScript capable browser.Adobe Flash Player not installed or older than 9.0.115!
    Read the Icon Fetch review of the Road Trips April Fools ‘88 set

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  3. Jim O’Rourke

    Interview enregistrée au Japon en novembre 2015, préparée et mixée le 10 décembre 2015 Traduction par Valentina Gardet

    Musicien, auteur, compositeur, interprète et producteur américain venu de Chicago, Jim O’Rourke est un animal prolifique et insaisissable, qui tâte de tous les styles et genres, de la noise acoustique jusqu’au jazz aventureux, de l’électronique savante au barouf expérimental, avec, de temps à autre, une collection de titres quasi pop. Jim O’Rourke est l’auteur d’innombrables productions (une cinquantaine d’albums depuis 1990) et il est également l’occasionnel compagnon de route de Merzbow, Derek Bailey, Noël Akchoté, Christian Fennesz et Brigitte Fontaine - ou encore ayant participé à des groupes mythiques comme BiseGastr del SolSmog et Sonic Youth.

    Depuis plusieurs années, il a choisi Tokyo comme base de vie et c’est là que Tapage Nocturne l’a rencontré.


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  4. Upgrade #79: Turkey Dinner Pizza - Relay FM

    Guest John Siracusa joins Jason to talk about HDTV, the future of the Mac, and pizza.


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  5. Podcast: Next steps for River4


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  6. Podcast: My online tribes


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  7. Scripting News: Podcast: How I got started on the web

    Podcast: How I got started on the web1 hr Here’s my first podcast of 2016. 5 minutes.

    My first development project on the web in 1994 was for the strikers in the SF Newspaper Strike. My programming partner, Chris Gulker, worked for the management website. He worked at the SF Examiner.

    I think it’s a useful story. The technology pulls you where it wants to go, independent of the politics. http://scripting.com/

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  8. The HTTPS mystery

    Here’s a ten-minute podcast summarizing where we’re at with Google and Mozilla and HTTPS.

    I don’t plan to write any more about this. I’ve already much more than I had to. Really it’s time for one of our fine tech publications to pick up this story.

    How about Ars Technica or Quartz or The Intercept, or any pub that cares about the continued existence of the open web.

    How about Planet Money? This would be right up their alley. Is it worth burning the history of the web for what we’re getting in return, which btw, isn’t clear.

    Maybe Vox could do one of their great explainers?

    Google is aiming to plow under all that we’ve built that isn’t being maintained. This might be okay if it was their private platform, but this is the web. It doesn’t belong to them.

    Come on journalists, this is your job.

    I have to write software, keep my servers running and try to have a life.

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  9. JOE CARDUCCI Enter Naomi: SST, L.A. and All That…

    SST Records was a seminal label in Los Angeles’s independent music scene of the 1980’s. Founded in 1978 by Greg Ginn, SST released records by a slew of influential bands such as Black Flag, Minutemen, Meat Puppets, Saint Vitus, Husker Du, and Sonic Youth, to name just a few. Naomi Petersen was SST’s staff photographer for much of the 1980s. Finding out about Naomi’s death in 2005, a full two years after the fact, spurred Joe Carducci, part owner of SST Records from 1981-1986, to write Enter Naomi: SST, L.A. and All That… (Redoubt Press, 2007). In it he not only tells Naomi’s story, but also the story of SST and, to a lesser extent, the story of the L.A. punk scene in the early eighties. Carducci sensitively portrays Naomi as a young woman finding her art and passion in the distinctly masculine worlds of SST and punk rock. Along the way he tells the stories of many of the characters that made SST the pioneering indie label that it was.

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  10. Zencast 306 - Intro to Zen by Alan Watts

    Intro to Zen - Alan Watts Thank you to Mark Watts for allowing us to podcast this lecture.


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