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  1. Jeremy Keith — Hijax

    Hijax is all about applying progressive enhancement to Ajax. In the Hijax model, JavaScript isn’t used for advanced intensive processing. Instead, the XMLHttpRequest object acts like a dumb waiter, passing information backwards and forwards between the client and the server. By hijacking the regular functionality and replacing it with an enhanced Ajax version, you can be assured that your web site will work with or with­out Ajax.

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  2. Jeremy Keith — Explaining Ajax

    Apart from being the buzz word de jour, what is this Ajax stuff that every one is talk ing about? Take a look at some imple men ta tions out there and start think ing about how Ajax can add value to your site.

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  3. Mark Boulton — Designing grid systems

    Grid systems have been used in print design, architecture and interior design for generations. Now, on the web, the same rules of grid system composition and usage no longer apply. Content is viewed in many ways; from RSS feeds to email. Content is viewed on many devices; from mobile phones to laptops. Users can manipulate the browser, they can remove content, resize the canvas, resize the typefaces. A designer is no longer in control of this presentation. So where do grid systems fit in to all that?


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