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  1. ThinkUp podcast 11

    Thinkup 1.0 is out!

    Anil Dash, Gina Trapani and Andy Baio join us to talk about this great moment in Thinkup history

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  2. ThinkUp Talk: 12th October


    • Beta 16 release:

    The Google+ plugin (how it’s working, what it still needs)

    Database migration tracker, what’s left to do before a 1.0 RC

    Thoughts? Opinions? Feedback? We got a lot of “this looks great” and a few (but not too many) specific comments

    • Our new celebrity ThinkUp user and what we learned from her awesome data

    • Some brand new usage stats Expert Labs has been aggregating from ThinkUp installations across the web

    • Expert Labs’ latest initiative in the government space using ThinkUp

    Huffduffed from http://thinkuptalk.com/2011/10/talk-10-october-12th/

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  3. ThinkUp podcast 9

    0.15 database migration, manual migrations, new features on the Facebook plugin, security, preventing DoS and the mentor program

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  4. ThinkUP podcast 6: Mentors, Mentees, Amazon AMI, myThinkUp

    ThinkUp (a free, open source web application that captures your posts, tweets, replies, retweets, friends, followers and links on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.) podcast

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  5. ThinkUp podcast 5: Developers, Mentors and MyThinkup

    ThinkUp podcast

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  6. ThinkUp Podcast 004: CodeConf, iPad 2 Bounty, datamodel changes

    CodeConf, the iPad 2 bounty submissions, and breaking up ThinkUp’s data model to make it more extensible. More on the API and lots of general goodness, as always

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  7. Gina Trapani and Anil Dash on Expert Labs and ThinkTank — Surprisingly Free

    Gina Trapani, blogger, author, software developer, and creator of ThinkTank, and Anil Dash, director of Expert Labs and blogging pioneer, talk about Expert Labs, an organization that seeks to improve government by letting policy makers tap into the collective wisdom of the public, and ThinkTank, an open source tool that the White House is using to crowdsource and sort policy ideas, insights, and recommendations offered through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


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  8. TWiT Episode 197

    Newspaper collusion, real-time Web, Bing, Google Wave, transforming education, and more.


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  9. Gina Trapani crowdsources for the White House

    What if President Obama could talk regularly to ordinary people and scientists to ask them about issues? That’s the vision of ThinkTank, an open source project to use a technique called "crowdsourcing" to get answers to America’s problems.

    ThinkTank’s server software is available to everyone, not just people whose address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s designed to let a user put out a question on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, and collect and curate responses. Users can then separate responses by category, note the source of the information, and collate the comments into useful knowledge, said Gina Trapani, project director at Expert Labs’, the not-for-profit developing the project.

    Gina is a blogger, author, developer of productivity tools, and founding editor of Lifehacker. She currently blogs at Smarterware. She hosts the This Week in Google podcast with Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis. Her most recent book is The Complete Guide to Google Wave.

    From http://blogs.computerworld.com/15893/thinktank_gina_trapani

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  10. The Pipeline 10: Gina Trapani

    Dan Benjamin interviews Gina Trapani. Gina is an author, blogger, programmer. We discuss the story and inspiration that lead to the creation Lifehacker (and the “persona” behind it), making the transition from code to writing, the daily grind, deadlines, and posting quotas, Smarterware, Think Tank, her self-publishing experiment, consistency and building traffic, and the importance of having a launchpad.


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