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  1. Breaking Down Walls, a Decentralised Social Web?

    The web is founded on open, decentralised principles. This means anyone can build a site that can link to any other, without any need for proprietary technology. No one owns e-mail, usenet or http, but social services like Facebook and Twitter are—for the most part—silo’d businesses with their own networks and proprietary APIs. You can join them together in code, but they’re not in any way ‘interoperable’.

    This panel will explore why large and centralized seems to dominate, whether it’s a bug or a feature. We’ll take a critical eye at new attempts at building distributed social web products like Diaspora. We won’t be focusing on the technical specifications as much as the end user experience and the business models that could support them. If a distributed service wouldn’t be fun, easy to use or profitable, then is there really any point in building one…?

    Evan Prodromou, CTO, StatusNet Inc

    Founder and creator of the StatusNet open source social platform, Evan is the co-chair of the W3C’s working group on federated social web technologies.


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  2. ThinkUp podcast 11

    Thinkup 1.0 is out!

    Anil Dash, Gina Trapani and Andy Baio join us to talk about this great moment in Thinkup history

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  3. ThinkUp Talk: 12th October


    • Beta 16 release:

    The Google+ plugin (how it’s working, what it still needs)

    Database migration tracker, what’s left to do before a 1.0 RC

    Thoughts? Opinions? Feedback? We got a lot of “this looks great” and a few (but not too many) specific comments

    • Our new celebrity ThinkUp user and what we learned from her awesome data

    • Some brand new usage stats Expert Labs has been aggregating from ThinkUp installations across the web

    • Expert Labs’ latest initiative in the government space using ThinkUp

    Huffduffed from http://thinkuptalk.com/2011/10/talk-10-october-12th/

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  4. ThinkUp podcast 9

    0.15 database migration, manual migrations, new features on the Facebook plugin, security, preventing DoS and the mentor program

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  5. Dave Winer’s Morning Coffee Notes 29th May 2011

    A quick podcast about Facebook as a force for vertical integration.

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  6. Robert Scoble interviews Mark Zuckerberg

    Interview of Mark Zuckerberg and Erick Tseng of Facebook with Techcrunch and Financial Times. Awesome long interview

    Huffduffed from http://www.cinchcast.com/scobleizer/106370

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  7. Bringing Data to the Debate on E-Book Piracy

    http://beyondthebookcast.com/bringing-data-to-the-debate-on-ebook-piracy/ As e-readers and e-books gather momentum in the early days of 2010, some book publishers find themselves on the horns of a marketing dilemma. Do they join the new e-book club to capture sales, or do they stand back to keep their content safe from online “pirates”?

    In a conversation with Chris Kenneally at the recent Digital Book World in New York, media industry consultant Brian O’Leary discussed his firm’s research on the effect on sales when a title finds its way into an unsanctioned online market. The findings – a significant jump in sales – have surprised many in the business.

    Magellan Media Partners Logo“When people hear what we have to say, [they think] I might be saying … I don’t worry about piracy when in fact, what I’m saying is, I don’t worry about piracy that helps sell more books,” O’Leary stressed. “I just don’t know the difference between the piracy that hurts, and the piracy that helps,until we study it.”

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