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  1. Talkfest - Science and hobbies

    A recording of TALKFEST on science and hobbies which took place on 1 Sep 2011. http://www.biochemistry.org/PublicAffairs/Events/TalkfestSeptember2011.aspx

    Modern scientific research is a highly professionalised business, for all that people may joke they’re not in it for the money. Still, there are people who enjoy at least a bit of science as part of what they do in their spare time. This talkfest event will discuss some of the possibilities and pitfalls involved in thinking about science and science communication as a hobby.

    Can and should crowdsourced citizen science projects tap into the enthuasic occasional workforce of amateurs? Are community groups based around hobbies (e.g. based around photography, reading or knitting) a good way to reach ‘new audiences’, especially for projects aiming to getting people discussing science in society issues? Should the science communication work of scientists, especially blogging, be seen as a hobby or part of their dayjob (or is such a distinction a silly idea in the first place?). Join our panel for these questions, ideas, interesting people, cake and debate.

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  2. Bringing Data to the Debate on E-Book Piracy

    http://beyondthebookcast.com/bringing-data-to-the-debate-on-ebook-piracy/ As e-readers and e-books gather momentum in the early days of 2010, some book publishers find themselves on the horns of a marketing dilemma. Do they join the new e-book club to capture sales, or do they stand back to keep their content safe from online “pirates”?

    In a conversation with Chris Kenneally at the recent Digital Book World in New York, media industry consultant Brian O’Leary discussed his firm’s research on the effect on sales when a title finds its way into an unsanctioned online market. The findings – a significant jump in sales – have surprised many in the business.

    Magellan Media Partners Logo“When people hear what we have to say, [they think] I might be saying … I don’t worry about piracy when in fact, what I’m saying is, I don’t worry about piracy that helps sell more books,” O’Leary stressed. “I just don’t know the difference between the piracy that hurts, and the piracy that helps,until we study it.”

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