Radio Free Burrito: Episode Thirty-Two

Holy Crap, after more than a year, it’s time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito!

Today, I read some stories from my blog, talked about some stuff, and played some weird and wonderful music.

Show Notes:

The logo was designed by WWdN:iX reader Marc, who asked that I not link to his "in progress" website. Thanks, Marc! Radio Free Burrito doesn’t work as hard to earn its [EXPLICIT] tag as Memories of the Futurecast did, but it still manages to upset mom and get Twitter breakup messages from sensitive people. You have been warned. This week’s theme music is The Summer Place, by Fountains of Wayne. The first "commercial" from Paul and Storm is just silence. I messed up and put it on the wrong track. I’ll fix it over the weekend. You now have no excuse to not read The Bloggess. Look, I gave her some twine. I’m finally on Facebook. Here’s a random link from Wikipedia. I forgot to screencap and link to that picture of the panning in Carnivale… whatever you have in your imagination is probably better, anyway. I don’t have a bell right now, but when I do, it’s going to be like this one. Yeah, that’s a classy bell, right there. It doesn’t try to be all fancy; it just does what a good bell should do. Apollo 18, people. Listen to it on shuffle. This episode is about 17MB. This episode is about 37 minutes long. There are about 15 seconds of unnecessary silence at the end of the show. You get those for free. You’re welcome. I am aware that the tags are screwed up and the feed doesn’t validate, so unless you’re grabbing RFB from iTunes or getting it directly here, it’s a giant hassle to get it. I am aware of this problem, but it’s a gigantic pain in the ass for me to correct it, given the tools I have available to me. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and I’m very annoyed by it, but I can make a podcast, or I can be a bug-squashing code monkey. I can’t do both, and I quite frankly prefer making the podcast. Listener Dave K. built a workaround that you can learn all about here. Thanks, Dave! Again, no embedded artwork. This distresses me, but it’s Apple’s fault, not mine, and it’s too much of a pain in the ass to get it done. Hopefully, they’ll fix the bug REALLY SOON. Please note that I’ve been wishing for Apple to fix this bug for over two years. Yay. This is the end of the notes. Ready? Then turn down your lights (where appropriate), and

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