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  1. Rebooting The News

    [This post is from Rex Hammock, ceo/founder of the media company, Hammock Inc. and longtime blogger at where it is cross-posted.]

    This morning, I spent an hour chatting with Dave Winer on the podcast he typically records with Jay Rosen. To me, getting invited to spend an hour with Dave Winer on a podcast is like getting to spend an hour with Guglielmo Marconi on a radio show. (If I have to explain it, this 2009 RexBlog post may help connect the dots.)

    On the podcast, we discussed these topics:

    Why Twitter, the service, is too vital for Twitter, a company, to control exclusively. [Background]

    The New York Times rehash of the “death of blogging” story, a meme dating back to a week after people stopped writing the stories about “blogs are never going to be born.” Like Dave, I believe Facebook and Twitter are blogging platforms, so, well, I don’t get it. [A long post about my thoughts regarding online identity. NYTimes story: "Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter"]

    Apple’s subscription plan and my outrage at their ban on in-app links to purchasing alternatives available via the browser. [Background on my opinion.]

    Why I think magazine publishers are missing the mark on early generation magazine apps — and the real opportunity of the iPad. How the iPad (and Kindle) change notions of what is readable on a screen. [My reviews of The Daily app and Virgin's Project app.]

    My opinion on Wikileaks, which I have no link to point to, so, in short it’s this: I’m an advocate of transparency and openness and probably would, if push came to shove, be supportive of Wikileaks. That said, I prefer diplomacy over war and don’t want Wikileaks to be in charge of judging what the consequences of their actions are going to lead to.

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  2. The future of news, part II | Dave Winer (

    A 14-minute podcast follow-up to the previous podcast on the future of news.


    2000: How to make money on the Internet.

    2009: Natural Born Bloggers.

    We gave everyone a broadcast station and a printing press.

    Not everyone does it.

    Say 1 percent are NBBs.

    They all can do it, but most don't want to.

    News orgs will be machines for processing huge amounts of news, adding/teaching quality.

    Evan Williams is doing this at Medium.

    But I don't like that he has a bottleneck, that his publishing system requires that you write and store your writing on his servers.

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  3. Rebooting the News #43

    Notes for Reboot 43 In Podcast on March 8, 2010 by Jay Rosen

    A few items for today’s show:

    The Local: East Village was announced since the last time we did the show.

    Dave has an idea for where the money is in local news.

    Dave’s items:

    Real time search

    What is Apple up to.

    Why We’re Giving Away Our Reporting Recipe. The bosses at ProPublica explain their decision to release their reporting recipe: How You Can Investigate Your State’s Oversight of Its Nurses and Other Licensed Professionals.

    The Police Department in NYC is moving in a progressive direction with its proposed rules about who gets press credentials.

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  4. Rebooting the News: Episode 80

    Jay is on the road, and I just got back — but the news keeps on rebooting — so we got Doc Searls to fill us in on what’s going on with cable and how Al Jazeera is covering the events in Egypt. He calls it the Sputnik Moment for cable. Doc weaves a wonderful story.

    We had nothing but technical glitches starting up the podcast, but we found a rhythm. We talked about WikiLeaks, educating the journo-programmer, and whether the US will flip the Kill Switch if there ever is such a thing. Doc thinks not, but I think hmmm…

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