Final Score : A Pig’s What?

Another week of Black Ops later, and some AC:BH under our belts, we are ready to chat it up!

NEWS: OnLive console to cost $99, ships December 2. Gaikai beta launches to first 11,000 users. Gaikai is a cloud-based gaming technology that allows users to play major PC and console games like Call Of Duty or World Of Warcraft instantly, with one click. No download or install required.

This technology powers a next-generation video game advertising network that drives sales for video game publishers, developers, retailers, and affiliates via online demos of games and software applications. Users are presented with an offer to try the game or app before buying it, therefore giving them hands-on experience with the product right at the point-of-sale.

DONE DEALS: Amazon Video Games: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (360) $10, Dead Rising Platinum Hits (360) $11, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) $13.

Hulu Plus new price $7.99 (credits for all)

Assassins Creed for $9.99 at Best Buy for Reward Card Members.

75% off Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition $9.99

ODD MOD: Enemy Territory Fortress “The game is made up of 10 unique classes and requires teamwork to achieve your objectives. Each class plays a key role in getting the job done and winning the round. Dozens of unique weapons also give each class the stopping power to make his/her enemy quake in their boots.

The game was originally launched back in 2004 and was an instant hit with the Team Fortress fans. The game lasted for a few years when development ended some time in 2006. The game was still pretty active up until sometime in 2008.

There was a large community supporting the game and many leagues were formed around it. Communities like Railbait, & KinderGarten to name a few were active in helping grow the community and support the game and the development team. There were a good amount of news sites as well that were created to help bring the on goings and news to the masses about the game. A few of the them Planet ETF, The Catacombs, ET Scene & WolfStuff.” Link and Link.

Star Tropics this week for Old School! Watch Brian play it badly right here!

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