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  1. Dev(Up) - Code Reviews


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  2. Software Sessions | How to Teach Programming with Felienne | Episode 3

    Felienne discusses teaching programming to kids by saying code out loud, the user experience of spreadsheets, the role of a computer science education, and her experience as a professor, conference speaker, and podcaster.


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  3. FishAndScripts - Hello world!

    Is this thing on? Hello? One two three…

    Welcome to the first episode of Fish and Scripts! Today we’re getting our feet under the table and making ourselves at home. We introduce ourselves as your glamorous hosts before diving into things we’ve been finding interesting on the internet recently including GraphQL, Lazy loading of images, Svelte 3 and a game so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel.

    You can find us on the internet in a number of ways and we’d love to hear from you whether it’s to say hello, share some feedback or suggest future topics, don’t hold back!

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  4. Resilient Management: A conversation with management expert Lara Hogan — Postlight — Digital Product Studio

    Focus on Core Needs: Lara Hogan knows and loves management so she wrote a book about it. This week she joins Paul and guest host Gina Trapani to chat about her new book and about leadership in the workplace. Lara breaks down her framework for managing different types of people and gives tips on how to adapt your management style. She also gives Paul some useful advice on where he should sit in the office and explains why moving desks can be so traumatic. …


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  5. Scaling the Paywall: How Unpaywall Improved Open Access

    Episode Summary:

    In this episode we are discussing Unpaywall. Unpaywall is a database and browser extension that legally searches for Open Access versions of research papers. Our interview guest will be Heather Piwowar who co-developed and manages Unpa


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  6. Egghead podcast | Lynne Tye, founder of keyvalues.com

    This episode is a chat with Lynne Tye, the founder and developer of keyvalues.com, a place for Software Developers to find the team and company that is right for them.

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  7. Bottled Potter - We Have Concerns

    A writing team at Botnik Studios used a ‘predictive keyboard’ – a text generator that tries to guess what the next word typed will most likely be - to create a truly hilarious piece of Harry Potter fanfiction.

    Anthony and Jeff take a lok at the new chapt


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  8. The Next Chapter For Dystopian Literature - The 1A Podcast

    Today’s book lovers are hungry for stories of dark, dystopian futures. Novels like “1984,” “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Parable of the Sower” are hard to keep in stock these days.

    But what’s inspiring the next generation of dystopian narratives? We assembled a panel of authors to talk about how current events, national politics and international relations inspire their new works and appeal to an audience with an affinity for apocalyptic endings.

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  9. Using TypeScript with Basarat and Marius Schulz

    Two leading TypeScript experts, Marius Schulz and Basarat Ali Syed, discuss their initial reactions and excitement for TypeScript and how it has evolved and earned their trust over the years. TypeScript has been the main focus of many of their products and trainings and they’ve gained their expertise by closely following the project and digging deep into the TypeScript compiler code. As TypeScript continues to improve with features, tooling, and performance they share their opinions on what they’re most looking forward to in the near future.

    Marius’s egghead course on Advanced Static Types with TypeScript: https://egghead.io/courses/advanced-static-types-in-typescript

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  10. The Engineering Commons Podcast: EPISODE 129 — NOTICING

    We are joined once more by Dave Goldberg, author of A Whole New Engineer, to discuss the critical engineering skills of noticing, listening, and questioning.

    Brian takes a 50/50 shot at guessing whether President Lincoln faces left or right on the United States one-cent coin. For younger listeners, Jeff describes the features of a telephone keypad, once a common element of everyday life. He also waxes nostalgic about telephone directories. Our guest for this episode is Dave Goldberg, founder and president of ThreeJoy Associates, Inc., who leads us in a discussion of noticing, listening, and questioning (NLQ). Noticing, in the context of our conversation, is less about recalling fine details, and more about remaining open to alternate interpretations of one’s thoughts, emotions, and sensory inputs. Dave proposes that the three domains of noticing are language, emotion, and body. Brian asks if noticing is hindered by pareidolia, the mind’s tendency to assign meaning to random patterns. The invisible gorilla video has been viewed over 16 million times on YouTube, and highlights our selective awareness. An associated book, The Invisible Gorilla: How Our Intuitions Deceive Us, provides additional information about how faulty intuitions often get us into trouble. Our guest offers a quotation from Scottish psychiatrist R. D. Laing. Dave notes we are free to manufacture new narratives that are capable of benefiting our well-being, while remaining consistent with our perceptions. Jeff relates that his interpretation of others’ intents was significantly altered when he participated in a DISC personality assessment at work. Observer, action, and results are three components of the OAR learning model offered by Dave. Jeff asks about differences between “noticing” and “mindfulness.” Our guest mentions a book by Daniel J. Siegel, Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation. Adam, Brian, and Jeff participate in a simple breathing exercise with Dave. Chade-Meng Tan was one of Google’s earliest engineers, contributing to projects in mobile search and search engine quality. He is now best known for starting “mindfulness training” courses within Google. He has written a book about mindfulness, Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace). Jeff makes a reference to “hippie,” which may be a new term for younger listeners. Dave explains differences between Level 1 and Level 2 listening. Asking open-ended questions that begin with “What” can elicit more meaningful responses from others. (Avoid questions starting with “Why,” as they may be interpreted as judgemental.) Dave mentions Dale Carnegie’s famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Our guest also references Mark Goulston’s book, Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone. Big Beacon now has an Education Innovators Working Group (EIWG), and sponsors Students for a Whole New Education (SWNE). Dave can be reached through the website for his consulting firm, ThreeJoy Associates, the website for his book, A Whole New Engineer, or via email: deg511 -=+ at +=- gmail -=+ dot +=- com. Thanks to Flavio~ for use of the photo titled “Before it Started Barking.” Notice any similarity between the dog’s nose and the ironwork? Opening music by John Trimble, and concluding theme by Paul Stevenson

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