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  1. Jared Taylor Explains White Advocacy to Italian TV

    On August 28, 2019, journalist Giorgio Mottola interviewed Jared Taylor for "Report," which is Italy’s most popular investigative news television program. "Report" has been broadcast in prime time since 1997 on Rai 3, the Italian national broadcaster. Mr. Mottola wanted to know about “nationalist and identitarian ideas spreading in Europe and the US.” It was a subject about which he was not well informed. This is the full, uncut conversation.

    At the end of the interview, Mr. Mottola asked about an alleged billionaire who he thought was funding American nationalists. Mr. Taylor did not recognize the name. It turns out to have been the name of the author of this Buzzfeed article: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/aramroston/hes-spent-almost-20-years-funding-the-racist-right-it

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  2. Being Don Juan | The Book Of Pook

    You won’t be successful with every woman (anyone honest will admit this). You take it as it comes at you, dealing with what you have the best you can. You learn in the process and can better get that ten when she shows up again.


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  3. Endure! | The Book Of Pook

    When you start to change your life, people will notice it. They will not like it. We all get used to placing people in certain ‘categories’. You’re showing them that there is more to you than they thought. That instead of letting life define you, you are defining life yourself. You’re literally fighting for life and this makes them uncomfortable because they didn’t (and once they realize it, they know it is too late!).


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  4. Aphorisms | The Book Of Pook

    When you see a metrosexual, call him ‘princess’. That is the correct name for such creatures. You can bring a foreign woman from South America or Asia into America, but that is like putting good food into an unclean dish. The food eventually spoils.


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  5. Finance: Traits of successful people I’ve met | The Book Of Pook

    Money seems to be attracted to the communicators. I’ve never met any successful person who didn’t have excellent communication skills. And I don’t necessarily mean sales skills.


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  6. How To Get A Pook To Shut Up | The Book Of Pook

    Someone related to espionage told me this: we are most vulnerable at two points in our lives. First, it is when we are without a lifemate. Second, is when we have lost our financial footing. He told me that spies and all find these two weaknesses in Human Nature the easiest and most common to exploit.


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  7. On Marriage | The Book Of Pook

    Women wouldn’t need marriage. They have sex to use. And what do women want? Either they want pleasure or they want to be a mother. Marriage has nothing to do with either. Women can leash guys just through sex.(Thus, many women do not see marriage; they merely see the wedding. When you start to talk to her about the ‘marriage/relationship’, she will start talking to you about the wedding!)


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  8. Women Initiating Dates | The Book Of Pook

    Women use sex to get relationships; men use relationships to get sex. That is how the sexes are wired. The latter demands reproduction, the former demands nurturing. Both are essential to the continuance of the species.


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  9. Toward Manhood! | The Book Of Pook

    Ever since Eve at that critical moment screamed, "Be a MAN!", we have the duty, the pride, the honor, no, the pleasure of being a man. But, alas, many males have become ashamed of the passio


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  10. The Keys To The Don Juan | The Book Of Pook

    He sees her as a goddess so she begins to think herself one. Then she DUMPS him and goes for the guy that treats her roughly (in hopes that HE will see her as a goddess).


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