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  1. Episode #240 A guided tour of the CPython source code - [Talk Python To Me Podcast]

    Talk Python To Me is a podcast for developers who are passionate about Python. Learn about the language and related technologies.



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  2. Why it’s time to stop worrying about the decline of the English language – podcast | News | The Guardian

    People often complain that English is deteriorating under the influence of new technology, adolescent fads and loose grammar. Why does this nonsensical belief persist?


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  3. Fermi’s Paradox: 3 Theories About Why Humanity Hasn’t Made Contact With Alien Life - The Atlantic

    Humanity may be as few as 10 years away from discovering evidence of extraterrestrial life. Once we do, it will only deepen the mystery of where alien intelligence might be hiding.


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  4. An IndieWeb Podcast: Episode 14 A loose collective of developers and techno-utopians

    Our first episode since January. David Shanske and Chris Aldrich get caught up on some recent IndieWebCamps, an article about IndieWeb in The New Yorker, changes within WordPress, and upcoming events.

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  5. Five Predictions for Social Media in 2019


    The Jared White Show Episode 24

    At long last it’s here: Jared’s bold predictions of what will move and shake the world of social media in 2019. Will the fediverse last? Will Facebook implode? Will our brains all get uploaded to the Matrix? (Just kidding, there’s nothing in here about the Matrix. What do you think this is, 1999?) Also, the era of the foldable smartphone is upon us, the WorldWideWeb is back baby, and a whole lot more.

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  6. What the ’90s Web Can Teach Us About the Future of the Internet

    Fire up your Netscape Navigators! Alli and Jen talk to Jay Hoffmann, author of The History of the Web, about his research into the early internet.

    The History of the Web is a weekly newsletter that began as a place for coders to reminisce about CSS and Bulletin Board software. But it quickly evolved into a definitive timeline of our shared online history. The story of the Web (the public-facing network of pages that everyone has access to) is arguably the most important sociological endeavor of our time.

    This week on 2 Girls 1 Podcast, Alli and Jen (actors who perform weird internet stuff on stage) chat with Jay Hoffmann, author of The History of the Web, about his inspiration and research into the early internet, and the proto-communities that formed online in the ’90s around weblogs, browser wars, grief, and virtual pets.


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  7. Learning How to Design with Erik Kennedy

    Shop Talk Show: 343

    Show Description Erik Kennedy helps us open up 2019 with a great discussions on learning how to design, picking out better typography, picking colors, how to handle negative design feedback, and more.

    Time Jumps 00:47 Guest introduction 05:18 Struggling with things yourself before you find the answer 06:58 Learning how to pair typefaces 10:38 CSS Tricks as an example 14:00 Learning to pick colors for projects 21:19 Sponsor: Digital Ocean 22:08 What’s the biggest problem for students learning design? 25:28 How do you recognize a design that’s gone too far? 27:52 Marker 9 31:07 How do you get out of a bad design system? 35:15 Cheat codes for good design 36:08 Sponsor: Porkbun 36:54 How to decide on typography 40:32 Design cheat code: motif 43:25 Getting design feedback 49:52 Why not just use Bootstrap? 59:20 Closing thoughts from Erik

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  8. 35: Make the Web Look Great with Matt Perry. On declarative animation, open source management, and importance of the open web

    React Podcast https://reactpodcast.com/35

    Matt Perry is the developer behind PopMotion, a declarative animation library for the web. Chantastic asks his inspiration for PopMotion, the difficulties of maintaining a low-level open source library, what he things declarative APIs might look like in the future. They’re discussion goes all over the place. You kinda just have to listen…

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  9. Spec · Design Details · 271: Principles of Design

    This week, we dive deep on several design principles that will help you make better decisions when creating interfaces and interactions. In Follow-up, we discuss the etiquette of responding to recruiter emails, and in News, we cover Twitter’s latest exploration into presence and status. And as always, we share a couple cool things, including an innovative basketball shoe and an updated personal site.


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  10. devMode.fm // CSS & CMS Musings with Eric Meyer

    On this episode we have on the CSS legend Eric Meyer to talk about the early days of CSS, and how it almost died, and also onto where CSS is today. We discuss utility-first CSS, CSS in JavaScript, and talk about the Flexbox and the awesomeness that is CSS Grid.

    We then also talk about the move of…


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