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  1. Unedited 911 calls from Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

    Released December 4, 2013

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/producermatthew/sandy-hook
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  2. Shootings Leave Sandy Hook Survivors Rethinking The Odds

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  3. Sandy Hook’s Future: What’s To Become Of The School? : NPR

    It’s been over five months since the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. And there have been plenty of opinions about what should be done with the school building. Host Michel Martin speaks with Rich Harwood about the emotional decision-making process.


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  4. Fünf Jahre nach dem Amoklauf von Sandy Hook - Das Leben danach ist ein Leben gegen die Waffen

    Am 14. Dezember 2012 erschoss ein Amokläufer in der Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown 20 Kinder und sechs Lehrerinnen. Die Überlebenden und Hinterbliebenen dieses Massakers, aber auch von anderen Amokläufen in den USA, kämpfen bis heute erfolglos für eine Änderung der Waffengesetze.


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  5. Slack Single Servings: A New Beginning for Sandy Hook Elementary

    Sandy Hook Elementary School was demolished following the 2012 mass shooting that took the lives of twenty innocent students and six staff members. Architect Barry Svigals took on the daunting task of rebuilding the new school, which turned out to be the most all-encompassing project of his entire career.


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  6. Quick Acting School Staff In California Avert A Sandy Hook Massacre : NPR

    Within hearing the first 3 gunshots, staff at Rancho Tehama Elementary School immediately started lock-down procedures they’d practiced for years. Their fast action is credited with saving lives.


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  7. THC - Sofia Smallstorm Sandy Hook

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  8. 9/11 Anniversary The Motive

    9/11/2018 Brian S Staveley goes LIVE ON VIDEO to discuss 9/11. We took a great call from Paolo Waolo and had a really great 9/11 conversation after Brian Laid the hoax out pretty thick. Brian has been exposing 9/11 as a total media hoax since 2010.

    9/11 was a media HOAX planned at least 30 plus years in advance when the towers were constructed for this event. 9/11 was no more real than Sandy Hook or any of these other scripted hoaxes. You think its crazy faking the death of 3000?? Well not nearly as carazy as getting governemnt employees most of which are GOOD PEOPLE whether u hate govt or not, getting them to go along with something where 3000 americans die in nyc including firemen and police die just isnt going to happen. Where are the missing 2500 death records? Why haven’t over 2900 families colllected their free 2.3 Million dollars plus from the Victim Compensation Fund? Why do we have photoshopped victim memorials and jumpers?? CGI planes? And you choose to believe it??

    This video’s URL


    Our Youtube List Exposing 9/11 the Hoax since 2010


    Brian S Staveley’s MAIN CHANNEL where all his content is This is airing on his backup channel due to a 90 day Youtube censorship ban. Be sure to sub …

    Original video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=THRpi2U0GYA
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  9. Behind The Hoax « Categories « HOAXILLA – Der skeptische Podcast aus Hamburg

    Behind the Hoax #005


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  10. The Mars Hoax Returns!

    TelescopeMan discusses the internet Mars Hoax! This hoax reappears every year since 2003 during the months of July and August. The hoax appears as either an email or a PowerPoint presentation and pretends to suggest that there will be TWO moons in the night sky and or that Mars will appear as large as the full moon in the night sky. www.telescopeman.org www.telescopeman.info www.telescopeman.us

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