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  1. PERFORMA 2009: Paul Elliman, Sirens Taken for Wonders | Clocktower

    Paul Elliman assembled a program for Performa entitled Sirens Taken for Wonders which consisted of several walks around New York City in search of sirens while observing and testing the impact of noise on urban life and culture. Elliman also convened a panel at the Van Allen Institute in order to "address the apparently unambiguous meaning of the sirens through a range of sometimes contradictory perspectives–from the physics and acoustic materiality of their sound, to its auditory role in the production of urban space as a form of audio signage capable of initiating levels of both fear and excitement." We have divided the program into two segments:/>/>

    Part 1 (72 minutes): Paul Elliman presents his Sirens Taken for Wonders premise, vocalist Daisy Press' remarkable mimicking of sirens, artist Raviv Ganchrow of The Hague Institute of Sonology, and the remarkable Arline Bronzaft who is Chair of the Noise Committee from the Mayor’s Committee on the Environment of New York City./>/>

    Part 2 (43 minutes): Laura Kurgan, Director of the Spatial Information Design Lab of the Columbia School of Architecture, and artist Lázaro Valiente from Mexico City who composed and directed a quartet of police cars and sirens there, which we get to hear./>/>

    Both segments begin with an on-site sampling of the "Siren Walks" with our correspondent Delphine Blue accompanying Elliman and his crew of experts and afficionados

    Originally aired 12/4/09


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  2. Peace and Justice - A Celebration of Ursula Franklin - Home | Ideas with Paul Kennedy | CBC Radio

    To commemorate the recent death, and to celebrate the remarkable life of Ursula Franklin, we turn to the IDEAS archives, and sample over forty years of appearances by the public intellectual who delivered the 1989 CBC Massey Lectures — "The Real World of Technology". Highlights include her profound (and still remarkably relevant) response to the events of September 11, 2001.


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  3. Glenn Gould radio documentary - The Idea of North - CBC Player

    Gould's first "contrapuntal radio documentary" and the first installment in his "Solitude Trilogy." Originally broadcast on the CBC Radio programme Ideas, Dec. 28, 1967. An anthropologist, sociologist, a nurse, and a surveyor discuss the subjective 'idea' and the reality of the North. Montage and voice counterpoint are used to express the antagonism and scope of the country, the loneliness and isolation, the warmth of community living, personal reasons for living there, the fear that human nature will gradually take over from the elements as common enemy number one, and the challenge involved in any decision to live there. During the last eight minutes the voices are heard over music.


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