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  1. Little Atoms 319 - FutureEverything 2014 - James Bridle & Eleanor Saitta » Little Atoms Little Atoms

    James Bridle is a writer, artist, publisher and technologist usually based in London, UK. His work covers the intersection of literature, culture and the network. He has written for WIRED, ICON, Domus, Cabinet, the Atlantic and many other publications, and writes a regular column for the Observer newspaper on publishing and technology. In 2011, he coined the term “New Aesthetic”, and his ongoing research around this subject has been featured and discussed worldwide. His work, such as the Iraq War Historiography, an encyclopaedia of Wikipedia Changelogs, has been exhibited at galleries in the Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, and has been commissioned by organisations such as Artangel, Mu Eindhoven, and the Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC.

    Eleanor Saitta is a hacker, designer, artist and writer. She makes a living and a vocation of understanding how complex systems operate and redesigning them to work, or at least fail, better. Her work is transdisciplinary, using everything from electronics, software, and paint to social rules and words as media with which to explore and shape our interactions with the world. Her focuses include the seamless integration of technology into the lived experience, the humanity of objects and the built environment, and systemic resilience and conviviality. Eleanor is Principal Security Engineer at the Open Internet Tools Project (OpenITP), directing the OpenITP Peer Review Board for open source software and working on adversary modeling. She is also Technical Director at the International Modern Media Institute (IMMI), a member of the advisory boards at Geeks Without Bounds (GWoB) and the Calyx Institute, and works on occasion as a Senior Security Associate with Stach & Liu. She is a founder of the Constitutional Analysis Support Team (CAST), previously co-founded the Seattle-based Public N3rd Area hacker space, and works on the Trike and Briar projects.

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  2. Interview with Studio Formafantasma

    From a Fabrica Workshop.

    Audio rip, original here: http://vimeo.com/55850704

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  3. MMOs, RPGs, and Pathfinder with Ryan Dancey, architect of the Open Gaming License strategy at Wizards of the Coast - The Game Design Round Table #73

    How did Pathfinder become the only table-top role-playing game ever to outsell Dungeons & Dragons, outpacing it 2:1? What were the economics of the Open Gaming License, whereby Wizards of the Coast effectively gave away the rules to its flagship D&D product? Why did the table-top market collapse?


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  4. Critical Success - Interview With David Ewalt

    Parting with the usual format, James sits down with Senior Editor of Forbes Magazine and author of “Of Dice and Men” David M. Ewalt to discuss David experience running his very first campaign. Their conversations spans world building, session prep, improvisation, and how to incorporate lessons learned in other systems into your main campaign.


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  5. Sound Design of Gravity, interview with Glenn Freemantle

    Listen to the interview with Glenn Freemantle on the BBC World Service here:


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  6. Jack Schulze lecture @ Fabrica

    Products, Media and Immaterials Jack Schulze is a principal at BERG and co-founded the studio in 2005. In his lecture at Fabrica, Schulze uses the work of BERG and others to discuss how software and the network are changing media, communications and products.

    Audio rip, original here: http://vimeo.com/63641346

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  7. A Design Fiction Evening, with Julian Bleecker, James Bridle, Nick Foster, Cliff Kuang and Scott Paterson

    Last October we gathered for a Laboratory day retreat and decided — so long as we’re all together — why don’t we make a thing of it. So, we arranged to do an evening’s gathering with our friends at IDEO. Scott Paterson from IDEO facilitated our way into IDEO’s splendid waterfront facility. We brought beer, IDEO brought beer, we had lots of beer and, most importantly, we shared with our audience some perspectives on Design Fiction. Our friend Ed Finn from Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination helped us set the metaphorical table. Sharing thoughts were Julian Bleecker, James Bridle, Nick Foster and Cliff Kuang from Wired facilitated the conversation.

    It was “delightful”, as the kids are fond of saying nowadays. But, more delightful than the most delightful UX. Properly delightful in the way that a gathering of humans in a room can be delightful. A gathering to think, debate, discuss and laugh. Like a salon. We will be hosting more of these around the globe, as our Bureau of Delightful Design Fiction Evening Events spins-up and makes it Napoleonic plans.

    Audio rip, original here: https://vimeo.com/84826827

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  8. Dungeon World: The Adventure Begins! | RPPR Actual Play

    Two big things:

    1) You get xp every time you fail a roll, which is really important to remember. Pretty sure most of the party should have levelled as of this adventure, certainly Aaron.

    2) Fiction first. The players need to describe what they’re doing, then the GM decides what move if any is triggered. Mostly you guys were pretty good about this but there were quite a few combat rolls and Discern Realities that were just announced and maybe backfilled with what was actually being done after. It’s a little hard to remember when you’re used to D&D or..well, a lot of other games really. But it’s important.

    Other than that, awesome stuff. I hope more is on the way! (And I’d be interested to see what you guys would make of Apocalypse World proper.)


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  9. Acquisitions Inc. PAX Prime D&D Game 2013 - YouTube

    Meet the new Acquisitions Inc. Intern, best-selling author Patrick Rothfuss, as he joins Gabe, Tycho and Scott Kurtz to take on the Sundering in the Dungeons…

    Audio rip, original here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8Ra1ecLhtI

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  10. Aleks Krotoski meets Eli Horowitz to find out how tech can help reinvent the novel | Technology | theguardian.com

    Aleks Krotoski meets Eli Horowitz to find out how tech can help reinvent the novel


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