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  1. BOL 1065: HP is full of stupid

    The new DreamScreen tablet from HP looks like what everyone wants from Apple at first glance. Until we dig deeper and find out it may be what nobody wants. The music publishers also seem like they’re full of stupid too wanting to get a performance right for you watching a TV show alone in your room. And Cooley and I get in a knock-down over Kurt Cobain’s proper presentation in Guitar Hero.

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  2. Digital City No. 34: E3 Preview Special

    Episode 34 of the Digital City, where we discuss our predictions for the E3 video game trade show. Note that there are two versions of the show available now, the traditional audio stream, and our exciting, new video version

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  3. Buzz Out Loud 969: Poetry and warp drives

    It’s a-hole Thursday on Buzz Out Loud today, as we regale you, the listening audience, with tales of cyber douche baggery on Wikipedia, Facebook, and computer fair failures. Also, warp drives (space rant!), the death of Duke Nukem, and Meatspace.

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  4. Digital City No. 30: Fighting the Swine Flu, plus Twitter vs. World of Warcraft

    Episode 30 of the Digital City, where we discuss the new multi-camera setup in the studio, how to fight the swine flu online, how one of us ditched cable for online TV, and the crossroads of Twitter and World of Warcraft.

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  5. Buzz Out Loud 952: The Last Gasp of Stupid

    NBC and the cable companies are teaming up to make it really annoying for you to watch the Winter Olympics online. Brian Cooley sums up their plans well, and it’s today’s title. We also discuss fiber-eating alien insect and solar power beamed down from space.

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  6. Hanselminutes Podcast 157 - Hanselminutae-five with Richard Campbell

    My one-hundred-and-fifty-seventh podcast is up. Be warned! We may just waste your time with this show. It’s Hanselminutae #5 with Richard Campbell. We talk books, Windows, Economics, being a Millionaire, Multiple Monitors, TweetDeck, and much much less!

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  7. Digital City No. 24: High-tech traffic cams and a few more nails in the PlayStation 3’s coffin

    In Episode 24 of the Digital City, we discuss new high-tech traffic cams in Chicago, the results of a major hacking competition, and new problems for the PlayStation 3. >>Subscribe to Digital City on iTunes >>Join the Digital City Facebook…

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  8. Buzz Out Loud 921: Buzz Out Loud at SXSW - Day One

    Somehow we packed a conference room with more people than we had chairs for here at South by Southwest. Special guests Caroline McCarthy, Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk, and The Onion’s Baratunde Thurston join us for today’s show.

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  9. Andrea LaPaugh: Foundations and Future of Information Search - March 4, 2009

    Lunch ‘n Learn presentation: Everyone googles - in the U.S, about 12 billion times a month (including search engines that aren’t Google). We are mostly pleased with the results we get. How can it be that we give an automated system a couple of words and it finds reasonably relevant documents among one hundred billion or so possibilities? Will our satisfaction with these tools increase or decrease as the Web and our expectations grow? Dr. LaPaugh gives a peek “under the hood” and discuss core techniques used by search engines. These techniques range from word occurrence analysis for text documents, originating in the 1960s, to Web linking analysis, pioneered by Google’s 1998 PageRank document ranking method. Dr. LaPaugh also discusses the challenges of non-text media such as music and images and new techniques, including exploiting user behavior. Bio: Andrea LaPaugh is a Professor of Computer Science. Her research is in the development and evaluation of methods for searching and analyzing information. She is currently teaching COS 435: Information Retrieval, Discovery, and Delivery. For more information see http://blogs.princeton.edu/itsacademic/2009/03/foundations_and_future_of_information_searchfoundations_and_future_of_information_search.html.

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  10. TWiT 185: Craig’s Lust

    Hosts: LeVar Burton, Patrick Norton, Veronica Belmont, Brian Shaler, and Chris Hutchins

    Facebook/Twitter wars, Hulu/Boxee dustup, no Apples for Gates, Craigslist erotica, and more.

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