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  1. Episode 108, 36 minutes, 57 seconds, 33.8 MB

    This week’s episode is packed. Starting with the news, James and Stefan discuss all the hype around wearables, the Kindle Fire Phone reviews, Apple’s financial results, Microsoft’s financial results, the new Nokia Lumia 530, Foursquare’s new app, Google’s new look for the Play Store, Motorola’s tattoos, the NVIDIA Shield, and finally the Xiaomi Mi 4.…

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  2. Andrew Clarke and Jeremy Keith have Unfinished Business

    Andrew Clarke & Jeremy Keith have

    Unfinished Business

    Jeremy Keith joins me on this, episode 73 of Unfinished Business. Although I try to steer clean of provoking him by not talking about moon landings, we disagree about just about everything else. Fish tacos, things that scientists haven’t done yet and I think they should’ve and what makes advertising fascinating to me and hateful to him. It’s a lively show. There are sparks. I think you’ll like it.

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  3. Debug 37: Simmons, Wiskus, Gruber, and Vesper Sync | iMore

    Debug features the best developers in the business talking about the amazing apps they make and why and how they make them. On this episode Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber join Guy and Rene to talk about Vesper 2.0, architecting sync, the decision making process, design choices, and why Vesper for Mac comes next.

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  4. Episode 001 – Welcome to Stratechery.FM | Stratechery

    Episode 001: “Welcome to Stratechery.FM”

    Hosts: Jon Nathanson, Ben Thompson

    Runtime: 1 hour 36 minutes

    0:00:00 Introduction

    00:03:00 The Future of Journalism

    Welcome to Stratechery 2.0

    FiveThirty Eight and the End of Average

    Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism

    00:28:00 The Superfan Economy (in Writing, TV, Music)

    This is Hardcore: How Superfans Drive the Entertainment Business

    00:35:00 Why Movies (and some TV) Are Different from Other Content Types

    Why Hollywood Resists Disruption: It doesn’t fight off invaders. It sits down and does business with them.

    The Cord-Cutting Fantasy

    Why TV Has Resisted Disruption

    The Jobs TV Does

    00:48:15 Google Fiber

    Google’s New Business Model

    – - On Google’s Future Part 1

    00:55:23 Dropbox

    The Heart of Dropbox

    The Dropbox Opportunity

    Battle fo the the Box

    01:22:07 What Wall Street Values in Tech Companies (And What it Expects)

    Apple the Black Swan

    You can leave comments on this episode at our website.

    Follow the show on Twitter @stratecheryfm.

    Host: Ben Thompson (@monkbent)

    Host and Producer: Jon Nathanson (@jonnathanson)

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  5. Learn how Vesper built offline sync using Azure Mobile Services | Windows Azure | Channel 9

    Join Brent Simmons in a walkthrough of the basics of Azure Mobile Services.

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  6. Debug 32: John Siracusa on Copland 2014 | iMore

    John Siracusa of Hypercritical and the Accidental Tech Podcast shows up to fight with Guy over Copland 2014. That is, the idea that Apple needs to embrace elements of higher level languages and figure out what comes after Objective C.

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  7. 012 Lonely sandwich magic and a place for the soul with Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann was part of You Look Nice Today. That show is so good, he could have just stoped making cool stuff after it was finished. He didn’t. He keeps making awesome things. We talked about them. And other stuff. Whom is Casey Liss?

    You can read about how and why this podcast came to be here and subscribe here. You can also support this show and a great podcast network here.

    Any and all feedback is very welcome! You can reach me on Twitter or email at hello(at)

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    Show notes:

    1. Back To WorkDan Benjamin

    2. You Look Nice TodayAdam LisagorScott Simpson

    3. Roderick on the Line

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  8. 5by5 | Home Work #71: Nap Time

    This week Aaron and Dave welcome TUAW’s TJ Luoma

    who shares his homemade method of keeping track of the work you do all day long. Plus, oDesk is in the news and then the guys discuss the power of taking

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  9. 5by5 | In Beta #90: We Want Our 2003 Back

    Interview with Amber Case about the Indie Web, Homebrew Website Clubs, and escaping silos.

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  10. The MacCast » Blog Archive » Maccast 2014.02.21- Brett Terpstra

    Download today’s show here!

    MC20140221.mp3 [33.7MB 01:09:48 64kbps]

    A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 476. Ever since I took the Maccast on as my full time gig many have asked me about the experience, but I’ve never really discussed it. Brett Terpstra, just recently left his full time gig to work on his own projects so I thought it would be a perfect time to have him on and tackle this topic.

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