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  1. Fan is a Tool-Using Animal — dConstruct Audio Archive

    What happens when you build a nice website, and a real community shows up that doesn’€™t meet your expectations?

    —Huffduffed by tribehut 5 months ago

  2. Ebooks, Reading and Scholarship in a Digital Age | University of Oxford Podcasts - Audio and Video Lectures

    Niko Pfund, President of Oxford University Press (USA), discusses the ways in which technology affects reading, scholarship, publishing and even thinking

    —Huffduffed by tribehut one year ago

  3. eBooks in Education - Publishers Perspective

    Senior leaders in higher-ed publishing (Ken Brooks, COO Cengage) and K-12 publishing (Evan St. Lifer, VP Digital, Scholastic) will review key features of digital publishing content and platforms from the perspective of improving learning experiences and outcome in these closely related but yet very distinct market segments.

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  4. eBook Production Jumpstart: EPUB 3, KF8 and more

    This in-depth session, presented by a leading expert, will help you master what it takes to create eBooks that are ready for all major distribution channels.

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  5. Libraries and eBooks Panel

    Lbraries are an important sales channel and a critical resource for discovery. But eBook lending by libraries does not naturally hew to patron-district boundaries and has become an area of concern for publishers. Two leading service providers and a key library stakeholder will discuss the latest developments.

    —Huffduffed by tribehut one year ago

  6. From Textbooks to Interactive Learning Materials: Principles of Biology

    “Principles of Biology” is a true breakthrough in digital learning materials - developed as a dynamic, evolving website, not a static download. Hear from the visionary who made it happen, about what’s working and where it’s going.

    —Huffduffed by tribehut one year ago

  7. EPUB 3 Under the Covers

    Noted expert EPUB expert and author Liz Castro will show how to create content that takes advantage of all the features that the latest platforms have to offer… while avoiding the pitfalls and inconstencies.

    —Huffduffed by tribehut one year ago

  8. Case Study: A Window Into the E-Future of the World’s First School to Go Full E-Only

    During 2011-2012 the South Kent School, a private high school in Connecticut, went “cold turkey” - replacing all textbooks with iPads and digital content from a variety of sources. This talk will be a first hand report by diverse stakeholders on results from this leading-edge experiment.

    —Huffduffed by tribehut one year ago

  9. Streaming Digital Books

    This talk presents a vision of EPUB 3 as the ultimate publication master format: manuscript, asset management system, learning tool, and data warehouse all in one. HTML5 & EPUB 3 will enrich this ecosystem, and enable much more: information-dense, responsive publications that can be personalized and delivered on request in the appropriate display size, language, and educational level, with contextually-relevant media and assistive enhancements. Example publications using streaming HTML5 distribution and EPUB 3 features will be provided throughout.

    —Huffduffed by tribehut one year ago

  10. Data-driven Book Publishing

    "Big Data" is a hot topic but it’s not just for data scientists: making data-driven decisions about titles, pricing, and marketing is increasingly critical for business leaders. Dominique Raccah, CEO of Sourcebooks, an innovative independent publisher, will describe how she uses large-scale sales information and small-scale data including user-level Web and social analytics to measure and optimize her business - and why you should be doing likewise.

    —Huffduffed by tribehut one year ago

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