Online Distance Learning: whose future? : JISC

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  1. JISC on Air – new online broadcast explores student recruitment : JISC

    In the first of a new series of online ‘radio’ programmes – JISC on Air – we explore how digital technologies are helping universities to share reliable and consistent course information and support new students throughout the recruitment process.

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  2. The Role of Open Educational Resources in Personal Learning ~ Stephen’s Web

    In this talk, I argue that rather than think of OERs as content objects, containing knowledge and information intended for transfer to the student, OERs should be thought of as the raw material a learner works with through the practice of managing their own learning.

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  3. The role of open educational resources in personal learning environments ~ Stephen’s Web

    n this presentation, and in the Informal Discussion which followed, I looked at three major themes: personal learning environments, connectivism and open learning, and argued that each of these three needs the other two.

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