Tim Berners-Lee on Geek of the Week

An early interview with Tim Berners-Lee on the World Wide Web, early browsers (Mosaic on X, Cello, the line-mode browser) and how setting up a website is easy with httpd. Other gems include Tim describing annotation systems (sort of like delicious but available in 1993 - currently incarnated as Annotea), his description of how X Mosaic had ‘View Source’ and how this was a jolly good way of learning how to write HTML, and how "Universal Document Identifier" became "Uniform Resource Locator" (now, it has morphed into being "Uniform Resource Indicator", a superb Hegelian synthesis of both).

That said, not everything happened. Scalability and distribution aren’t that big of a problem, and certainly didn’t require the abuse of the Domain Name System (VeriSign’s SiteFinder debacle in 2003 where they started redirecting all unregistered .com and .net domains to a search engine without responding with the proper NXDOMAIN is a still vivid and painful memory for me - a small example of how making a small change can have enormous unintended consequences).

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