Planet Money - Gambling with House Money

Planet Money returns to the "explainer" show type and digs into the risks (current and post-reform) in putting money in a bank.

"On today’s Planet Money we take a closer look at proprietary trading, which is under attack by the latest proposal from the Obama administration. The new banking regulations proposed by the president call for a ban on commercial banks engaging in potentially risky trades with their own funds— or, in some cases, your funds. So we called up MIT Sloan School of Management professor Andrew Lo to shed some light on the murky world of ‘prop trading’, as the cool kids like to call it."


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  1. Banking panics and banking reform - Michael Bordo

    Michael Bordo of Rutgers University compares US banking panics in the early 1930s with panics in the shadow banking system and the repo market in 2007 and in investment banks and the universal banking system after Lehman failed. He argues that the bailouts of ‘too big to fail’ banks may lead to future crises, and discusses possible remedies. The interview with Romesh Vaitilingam was recorded at a conference on ‘Lessons from the Great Depression for the Making of Economic Policy’ in London in April 2010.

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  2. Episode 378: How Spain Created A Banking Monster : Planet Money : NPR

    A group of people tried to fix a problem, but wound up creating a banking monster.

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  3. This American Life - Bad Bank

    The collapse of the banking system explained, in just 59 minutes. Our crack economics team—the guys who explained the mortgage crisis, Alex Blumberg and NPR’s Adam Davidson—are back to help all of us understand the news. For instance, when we talk about an insolvent bank, what does it actually mean, and why are we giving hundreds of billions of dollars to rich bankers who screwed up their own businesses? Also, two guys go to New Jersey to look at a toxic asset.

    Other shows on the financial crisis: Giant Pool of Money and Another Frightening Show About the Economy. And you can get daily updates about the financial crisis on Alex and Adam’s Planet Money podcast and blog.

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