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  1. Caustic Soda: Chemical Accidents

    Firefighter Allan Newell joins us to discuss the dirty details of toxic spills and other chemical accidents including the Seveso Disaster, the Binghamton State Office Building contamination, the Baia Mare cyanide spill, the Ajka alumina sludge spill and the Bhopal disaster. Plus news and pop culture.

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  2. Caustic Soda: Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Allan Newell brings his firefighter expertise to discussions on notable car wrecks, risk compensation, the car industry’s built-in-hazards, the Mont Blanc tunnel fire, El Camino de la Muerte, collection fuel from crashed tankers, and what to expect when rescue responders have to cut you out of your crumpled Volkswagen. Plus: car crashes in movies.

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  3. Caustic Soda: Science Blunders

    Dr. Rosie Redfield joins Joe, Kevin, and Toren to talk about NASA and the Shadow Biosphere, blinded scientists all over the place, extreme solutions to illegal parking, and one of our favorite sciencey shows goes terribly awry.

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  4. Caustic Soda: Ghost Towns

    Some of the most wretched and caustic ghost towns are discussed, including “blue sky mine” Wittenoom, Picher’s chat piles, Oradour-sur-Glane’s nazi massacre legacy, the dioxin-tainted roads of Times Beach, Centralia’s ongoing coal fire, and more. All this and pop culture too! PS – Don’t worry Soda Jerks, we didn’t forget Chernobyl – it will get its own episode at some point!

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