Zizek on Parallax and architecture - RN By Design - 6 January 2010

Slavoj Zizek, professor in the Institute for Sociology at Ljubljana in Slovenia, is one of the more unusual philosophers of our day: an old-fashioned Marxist, student of psychoanalysis and star of a movie called The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema.

He was in Melbourne for Parallax, the 2009 national architecture conference, and joined us to talk about how the gaps between different viewpoints have inspired architectural practice, his admiration for Stalinist ‘wedding cake’ buildings, why large public art venues are not as anti-elitist as they pretend to be and (of course) his admiration for Governor William Bligh.

Originally broadcast on May 13, 2009


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    Join Alan Saunders and the By Design team for a highly unusual forum celebrating the architecture and urban design of one of our greatest cities. Unusual because the venue for our forum is that quintessential Melbourne mode of transport, a tram: The City Circle tram to be exact. The City Circle tram passes some of the city’s major tourist attractions and some of its finest architecture and urban design. Today we’ll talk about some of them and expand on the issues they raise for the broader built environment in cities across Australia.

    The tram we’re on is part of the vintage W class fleet dating back to 1936. We have an intimate and enthusiastic audience of Radio National listeners who entered our completion for a prized seat and five very knowledgeable guest speakers.

    The forum was staged in partnership with Melbourne Open House. Special thanks to Emma Telfer at Melbourne Open House, Ian Stokes at Yarra Trams and at the ABC: Nicola Fern, Paul Penton and Russell Thomson.


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