Background Briefing - 25 September 2011 - The mobile payments push

Get ready for the next big app attack, urging you to chop up your credit cards and use your mobile phone. You won’t have to go to a shop, just point the phone at a handily-placed barcode, and you’ve paid! It’s not a phone, it’s a ‘smart wallet’, and your mobile banker skims off a bit of every transaction. Security? It’s a work in progress. Reporter, Stan Correy.

Further Information:
Reserve Bank of Australia Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System – (

Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) – (

EMV Co – (

Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge – (

Dr Stephen J Murdoch, University of Cambridge – (

Stephen Wilson – (

The most important mobile payment infographic ever (according to one payments magazine) – (

Michael Yip – (

Infographic on underground economy – (

Adam Laurie, Aperture Labs – (

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